Upcoming Changes & Todo List

Next Release Change-Log:
  • TBD
Current To-Do List:
  • Fill out the events at Whitney's farm to allow you to tend her fields for a few hours in exchange for peppers (no more freebies) as well as some 'special' peppers that could have variant traits (more potent or corrupt for example).
  • Introduce Whitney's barn and allow players to use the milker they might have gotten at the dungeon and/or purchase more, and use them on themselves.
  • Add some more fun events and changes for a fully corrupted Jojo.
  • Add a swamp with Naga girls and Spider girls, along with their own transforming items.
  • Add the a cave belonging to Zetaz(sp?) and allow you to encounter him.
  • Bring the forest Faerie back.
  • Tel'Adre - the hidden city.
  • Centaur Herd
Fenoxo's Scheme To Do This Full Time:
  • Set up a paysite with $5-10/month subscription.  Subscribers get access to new builds 2 weeks earlier and access to more coding livestreams.  
  • My games remain 100% free, and new builds roll out on the 'free side' of the website two weeks after they are released. And also on Furaffinity.  And FutanariPalace.  Of course, since I'll be working 40+ hours a week on my game(s), you can expect to see a much higher volume of content out of me.  Everybody wins.
  • If profits are high enough, try to bring in another game creator full-time and/or reduce subscription cost.
  • I'm not planning on making the leap on this for a while.  In the interim, I often do leave my real work early and work on my game, so I could still use financial donations to keep things going via the donation button on the right sidebar.