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My Games
  • Corruption of Champions (Magic)
  • Unnamed Text Game (Discontinued after 0.2.6) - Source Code Available!
  • Character Viewer For CoC (VERY UNFINISHED) - Here
  • Event Writer's Guide - A reference for those wishing to submit content to the game!
  • CoC Wiki - A wiki with lots of information about the game, put together by players.
Links to Other Similar Games
All games given a 'Fenoxo Awesomitude score'.  The scale is 0 (boring) to 10 (fap till your dick falls off).
  • (Unrated) Cursed - A game centering around the player being turned into a woman.  I haven't rated it because I didn't get much into the sex but it has a LOT of stuff in it besides sex that makes it cool.
  • (8Flexible Survival by Nuku - F.S. has LOTS of encounters, but it doesn't spend as much time on the transformations and such after you get them than I would like.   It still is a very rewarding and deep game that is updated frequently with new content and also has a multiplayer MUD in the same world that Nuku develops full time. 
  • (6) Mission Brothel (Requires FutanariPalace account to view) - Mission Brothel is a game about taking 'slave training' missions and managing a brothel.  It's pretty simple, but has a nice clean UI, good picture selection, and scratches my completionist itch.  My big beef is that there is ZERO transformation, and little sense of persistence with any of the characters. 
  • (9) Nimin Fetish Fantasy by Xadera (Locally Hosted Copy (v0.89) - Nimin has arguable as much or more content than CoC, but with a greater emphasis on furry content. 
  • (7.5) Pornarium by TacoKing - Pornarium is like the unholy child of CoC and Slavemaker.  Think CoC with pictures.  I scored it 7.5 due to the fairly limited content available at the moment, however it's still very early in development and from what I've read on their blog it's going to explode with new content.
  • (9.5Slavemaker - No mention of porn games would be complete with this.  This game has pictures.  You play a character called a 'slavemaker' and are in charge of training slaves.  Some are easy to train, some are hard.  They can be abducted by tentacle beasts, become milk-slaves, or be abducted by a greedy futa-milking recluse to name a few outcomes.  The game is awesome.   I won't lie, when I first started playing it I fapped myself raw.  I also made Aeris for that game, so check her out (lots of breast/dick growth and milking possible with her!)