Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today's Status

  • Donations have been good to me, and I want to give back, so I'm going to commission a piece of artwork from Pzero.  I came up with a few scene ideas and posted a poll on the forums if you guys would like to chip in as to which you like most.
  • Wrote approximately 1000 words of Tentacle Jojo sex scene.  The scene is designed to work with either gender and accomodate a wide variety of character configurations, with unique lines for everything from multi-dicks, to large clits, to fuckable nipples.  Its about half done, and isn't as in-depth as masturbation, but combined with the new Jojo tentacle TF scene I wrote, I think it'll mix things up a bit for our favorite mouse-boy when its finished and coded.
  • Wrote two all-new codex entries and copied the old codex entries over. 
  • Fixed a critical bug in that would lock Fatigue @ 100 if it ever reached exactly 100.  If you have this bug, please re-download
  • Obviously set up new blog & forums @


  1. Soooo, my vote for the next encounter is that little bitch the forest fairy...I've wanted to stretch her little body over my cock for quite some time now...

  2. I <3 the lead pipe.

    Mutation-wise I took my character in the exact opposite of CoC's usual. She's a 3'9" tight-cunted pettanko with no visible mutations - Except for enough minotaur blood and vitality tea to make her tougher than Marble. And that was kind of fun, but really her whole point is to see how many centaur pregnancies I can put her through before she becomes Kelt's mare. The mutations were just to kill time between pregnancies.

    But then I found the pipe, and it has COMPLETED my character. Because now she's a 3'9" flat-chested goddess of war who beats minotaurs to death with a lead pipe.


  3. @JCM - Um... What's a 'pettanko'?? and where do we get the Pipe weapon? And Fenoxo, have you put that scene involving JoJo and the lethicite dildo in the game yet? *lol*

  4. I'd rather you save that money for later. You are totally going to run into bill problems later anyway.

    Also Pettanko = Flat chest.

  5. I know this will probably end up making me look crazy, but I couldn't help wondering; Is there ever any chance of a consentual relationship with Jojo?

    I ask because the Factory dungeon and various other events have inspired me to try and force a 'good' playthrough, which more or less requires Jojo's services. This leaves me feeling rather hard done-by for lack of sexy white mouse boi sex. z: )

    Increasing stats also make it increasinly difficult to throw a fight with Jojo, for those characters like my original, who encountered the Factory (and found out what they were really up against and going along with) and had a change of heart. It took my character about two weeks to successfully lose a fight to him.

    I suppose I'm saying that I both want to be a Champion and a pervert. Is that so wrong? ^.^

    I also hope we will be able to one day screw Rathazul. What can I say? I am a male Fox. Rodents are delightful prey.

  6. @Asterisk-CGY - Trust me I'm not planning to get a bunch of commissions and blow it all. Basically I'm holding off on pre-ordering RAGE and doing this instead. I'll get RAGE if money falls into my lap or something, but rest assured I am being frugal.

  7. @rika_star25: I got the Pipe from a green slime. It doesn't do a lot of damage, but it is made of pure awesome.