Thursday, September 8, 2011

Website News & Magic System Released

The blog is moving, to soon!  I also threw up a forum there @  For now this is the main place to get updates, but I will update CoC & this blog when the time for the big move hits.  The upside is I'll have a link to play the game directly in your browser if you don't wish to download, forums, and other fun stuff.

The Magic System is done (for now):

Black Magic:

  • Arouse - Arouses your opponent like the imp spell.  More effective on highly corrupt foes.
  • Heal - Heals your wounds, but has a chance of backfiring and boosting your lust.
  • Might - Makes you stronger/tougher for the duration of combat but has a chance of backfiring.
White Magic
  • Charge Weapon - Increases weapon damage for the duration of combat.
  • Blind - Blinds your foe for a few rounds, increasing miss chance.  Enemies might blink and resist it.
  • Whitefire - Deals direct damage regardless of enemy's defenses.
Miscellaneous Changes:
  • Spells use fatigue, fatigue is restored by resting or sleeping.
  • Some tweaks to sleep/rest to make them work better.
  • 2 new intelligence based perks that increase the potency of spells.
Download here.


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  2. Fen, I DON'T wanna sound nerdy, but HEALING is more the trait of white mgic, while damage more a BLACK magic trait....I mean, if holy powers can't heal, then something is a tad wrong...

  3. @Noblekitsune
    I think he's fluffed it as follows (from the in-game books):
    Black magic deals with peoples bodies and emotions; it's powered by lust.
    White magic manipulates energy; it requires concentration and is difficult to perform with a high lust value.

  4. marble keeps telling me to go talk to the tree goddess but i already got her crystal it will not let me go back to her ?

  5. Just a thought. Black magic = works better with higher corruption. White magic = works better with lower corruption.

    Lesser black spells might not correlate with corruption but instead lust or libido. Obviously, white spells would have opposite correspondences.

    Might come up with gray spells which might bite both ways. Either working better with higher corruption and lower lust or backlash with stat or appearance changes. I'd love to see transformative magics. Think like Equinius or Canine Peppers in spell form. Alternatively, you might have wild magics that can backlash with animalistic transformations, blood or corruption magics that can backlash with demonic transformations, and others. Human transformation backlashes for those who like that kind of thing.