Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today's Status

  • Donations have been good to me, and I want to give back, so I'm going to commission a piece of artwork from Pzero.  I came up with a few scene ideas and posted a poll on the forums if you guys would like to chip in as to which you like most.
  • Wrote approximately 1000 words of Tentacle Jojo sex scene.  The scene is designed to work with either gender and accomodate a wide variety of character configurations, with unique lines for everything from multi-dicks, to large clits, to fuckable nipples.  Its about half done, and isn't as in-depth as masturbation, but combined with the new Jojo tentacle TF scene I wrote, I think it'll mix things up a bit for our favorite mouse-boy when its finished and coded.
  • Wrote two all-new codex entries and copied the old codex entries over. 
  • Fixed a critical bug in that would lock Fatigue @ 100 if it ever reached exactly 100.  If you have this bug, please re-download
  • Obviously set up new blog & forums @

Website News & Magic System Released

The blog is moving, to soon!  I also threw up a forum there @  For now this is the main place to get updates, but I will update CoC & this blog when the time for the big move hits.  The upside is I'll have a link to play the game directly in your browser if you don't wish to download, forums, and other fun stuff.

The Magic System is done (for now):

Black Magic:

  • Arouse - Arouses your opponent like the imp spell.  More effective on highly corrupt foes.
  • Heal - Heals your wounds, but has a chance of backfiring and boosting your lust.
  • Might - Makes you stronger/tougher for the duration of combat but has a chance of backfiring.
White Magic
  • Charge Weapon - Increases weapon damage for the duration of combat.
  • Blind - Blinds your foe for a few rounds, increasing miss chance.  Enemies might blink and resist it.
  • Whitefire - Deals direct damage regardless of enemy's defenses.
Miscellaneous Changes:
  • Spells use fatigue, fatigue is restored by resting or sleeping.
  • Some tweaks to sleep/rest to make them work better.
  • 2 new intelligence based perks that increase the potency of spells.
Download here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Next Update: MAGIC

I've been pestered about magic for a while, so I whipped up six spells (3 "white" magic, 3 "black" magic).  I got one coded this morning, and I think I can get most of the others done tonight.  I do still have to build the magic menu system and implement the items that will teach you spells.  That'll be the goal tonight, but we will see how it goes.

UPDATE:  I'm releasing a 'test' build.  It will no go on the main downloads page.

(0.3.8 - Magic Test)
(Play in Browser Link:
It includes six spells and the items to learn them (which drop from appropriate enemies).

Known Issues:
-Spells are not correctly disabled by out of bounds lust or fatigue values.
-I haven't bothered to set up fatigue recovery from resting/waiting.  I may do it so fatigue is a per-combat stat and resets after every fight.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Am Not a Crook! Or Working!

Why didn't anyone tell me I broke my donation button?  (It's fixed now).  Bills are now 100% on time.  Any remaining donations this month will go towards getting Skyrim (and/or helping me hit rent if I come up short on that).

I did two livestreams today, for a total of around 5 hours.  Got a bunch of new stuff dropped into the game related to expanding on Marble.  No there are no new sex scenes yet.  DA LOG:
  • Marble's camp entry is now more than just sex.
  • Marble will give you presents if she lives in your camp.
  • Marble will point you towards the dungeon if you haven't done it yet.
  • Added some back-end to track her anal virginity for future events.
  • Added a new item available from Marble's gifts (and droppable from a monster or two) that will make you a similar kind of cowgirl.  Note that this is different from the item I want to do that gives your four nipples(TEATS!) per breasts.
  • New armor available.
Get here!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Monster Girl Quest II

A trial of the second monster girl quest game went up, and has already been translated if anyone wants to give it a shot:

From what I hear release is still a few months away.

EDIT: I did a stream!  I wrote a scene where Jojo can be...changed.  Jojo + tentacles + ability to look like normal Jojo = me being able to write some new fun masturbate scenes for Jojo while still having the old ones in the rotation.

Also, the next donation at or above $100 (that plays TF2) will get an unusual buckaroo's hat with the orbiting planet effect. 

Labor Day?

I realized I had no idea if it was Labor Day or Memorial Day or what.  But who cares, I'm not working!

(EDIT: Artist Unknown, grabbed off 4Chan)

...or am I?  (Livestream over - good chance on another later on.  Shooting for 6 hours of coding today!)

New Small Build (0.3.7):
  • Rathazul can now move into camp after the player has completed 3 transactions with him.
  • The imp gangbang will become much more common as the player births more imps.
  • There is a new 'followers' screen the player can use to access Marble/Jojo/Rathazul, although obviously Marble/Jojo are still strictly sex. 
  • Added 'reducto' item to Rathazul's stock once he moved into camp.  I think the name implies what it can be used for well enough.
  • Added an option at Rathazul to use a portion of the Lethicite to grow a canopy of vines as a defense (to protect against troublesome airborn foes who like to gangbang, and any others that come in time.)

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I got stuck at work again (sadface), but two things:
* Im past goal, so I'm back in the black now.  
* My tf2 playing last night bore fruit - I got an item worth real money.
I have tomorrow off due to holiday, so I anticipate getting shit done, and potentially a late night stream going.
<3 Fen
(Forgive any typos, writted from phone)

EDIT:  Just got home from dinner I got dragged to, probably going to chill with some games a few hours then do a 1-2 hour stream later.  Tomorrow when I get the chance I intend to do some major streaming  (No work).

EDIT: I did streeeeeam.   Fixed bugs, got caught up on my communication, and started work on overhauling a new a camp-menu for accessing camp followers (jojo/marae/whomever else shows up.)

Saturday, September 3, 2011


1.  Wake up
2.  See gigantic Pile o' Donation (almost to goal).
3.  Sign up to go home early, vowing to self get all kinds of shit done today.
4.  Be on the verge of going home, then get stuck at work all 9 hours.
5.  Get stuck helping around the house because a clothes rack collapsed under the weight.
6.  Decide not to work on shit right now.
7.  Play vidjagames a few hours before bed or until motivation returns.

Slow Sunday

It's been a busy last week and I'm kind of kicking it slow today.  I did a bit of brainstorming for my next game, wrote four pages of smut for Nuku's game (he commissioned me and then I lost all I had done when I sold the iPad so restarting), and then played some TF2.  

What has happened in CoC in the past week:
  • Two huge new encounters at the farm (and I will be breaking up the farm in a week or two I hope), dependent on work. In their original formats they were each 25+ pages.
  • Treeboobs in the corrupted glade got finished (FINALLY). 
  • An imp gangbang with 4 variations, each many pages long.
  • A metric fuck-ton of bugfixes, typo fixes, etc.

What I intend to do in the next week:
  • Do 3-4 more items from the submission backlog, at which point I think I'll have all the ones I care to do done.  If you've submitted something you think is awesome and would like me to take another look at it in the next few days, feel free to resend it, there is a chance I meant to but lost it in my piles of email.
  • Skip out on work early at every opportunity and livestream writing/coding (and beg for donations.)
  • Code a couple small events to give the player some more options to avoid the imp rape and perhaps use the Lethicite crystal for something.
  • My primary writing goal is going to be getting Nuku's commission done and working on the texts for the various new farm events I want to add.  I have to rewrite everything I had written before I sold the iPad (same derp moment as I had with Nuku's commish), so I'm still playing catch-up.
  • Do some new fairly simple TF items for mice, rabbits, and cats.   Really it shouldn't be too hard as it only involves adding new ears and tails, and maybe a new penis type for cats. 
  • Bitch about being poor.
Awrite I'm out, hopefully I can skip out on work and get some awesome writing/coding written.

<3's & Boobies,

Friday, September 2, 2011

One Moar Bugfix

More bug fixes and alternate imp-gangbang for centaurs done.

  • Fixed some bugs with birthing triggers and the enhanced Ovi Elixers pregnancy speed increase.
  • Resolved a rare issue with minotaur blood that could cause it to crash when players without a penis used it. (Hopefully this is the end of this bug - I've had it reported forever).
  • Resolved an issue with my cockDescript function that could result in crashes.
  • Added the male/alternate imp gangbang scene (switches between asshole/vagina as appropriate).

Thursday, September 1, 2011

ZUG ZUG (Small Release) (Random Gangbang) Change List:
  • Tweaked Kelt's archery values so they raise a bit quicker (and actually go up).
  • Balanced the rate submission climbs for kelt a bit.
  • Buffed the Bee Sting attack players can get (requires less stored venom to use, both the lust and paralization effects are better).
  • Small marble tweaks.
  • Hooves from Minotaur Blood are wayyyy easier to get.
  • If you can keep from getting fucked in the vagina/butt they will regain tightness over time.
  • Kelt doesn't expect to find tits on you if you're a dude now.
  • Modified the intro to his bad-end epilogue so it makes a bit more sense for how your character would up like that.
  • Male centaurs no longer receive the brood mare bad-end.  Genderless are still vulnerable!
  • High int will warn you once if you are a centaur before you get the centaur bad-end.
  • Fixed some bugs in whiteny/kelt encounter rate.
  • There is now a small chance of being gang-banged by imps when you sleep.  The chance is higher if you are in heat.  Centaur males will not see this event.  The scenes are very long (6-7 pages each in word).
  • The 'speed up pregnancy' of Oviposition elixers is much much stronger on long pregnancies now.
I still have 1 more imp gangbang variant to code in but I had to stop because they're absolutely HUGE.  Probably on par with the Omnibus bad ends from the dungeon.