Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Great Stuff

I'd like to share a neat little game I spent some time playing:  Mission Brothel.  It's nowhere near as great as that Monster Quest game I talked about a while back, but its fun in its own right and has good picture selection.  Mission Brothel is a game where you purchase slaves to train for a fixed time period, along with a 'mission' (usually raise X stat to Y value) within the time period.   You whore them out in various ways to raise their stats to the goal, then return them for a payout and move onto the next slave.

(This picture shamelessly stolen from DaisyStrike's blog post)

The neat part is that as you build up gold and reputation, you can use it to upgrade your Brothel with new abilities and facilities in order to train your girls faster, have them earn more money, have better selection of jobs, etc etc.  My biggest gripe is that there doesn't seem to be much story or transformation, but it was a good distraction and I thought you all might enjoy it.

Fenoxo's Verdit: (6/10)
But there is a lot of promise in this one, and its VERY well laid out.

The original thread containing the author's updates and current release is here.
Also have a mediafire link I shamelessly stolen from DaisyStrike, creator of Otherworld:

And now for something completely different:

(WoW Porn Incoming!)

I've had a nasty headache the better part of the afternoon evening, so I may crash early (or play TF2 an hour or two) instead of working on the imp night gangbang I was working on some more.  Do not fret, a new build with some more fixes and an awesome random night gangbang opportunity will be on the way tomorrow for sure.

And a reminder:
Pornarium's next version is slated to come out tonight, or soon, not sure which.  But I'll give you guys my impressions of it once I get my grubby mits on it (Unless its some internal thing and TacoKing doesn't want me to).  Update: I have been assured that it is CRAZY buggy, and you all are best served by waiting a few days for the bugs to shake out.  Update2: ITS CRAZY BUGGY.  WAIT A FEW DAYS.

Working on Stuff

ITS OVER.  Progress:

-Tweaked Kelt's archery values so they raise a bit quicker (and actually go up).
-Balanced the rate submission climbs for kelt a bit.
-Buffed the Bee Sting attack players can get (requires less stored venom to use, both the lust and paralization effects are better).
-Small marble tweaks.
-Hooves from Minotaur Blood are wayyyy easier to get.
-If you can keep from getting fucked in the vagina/butt they will regain tightness over time.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Small Update is out.  Highlights:
  • Kelt now has a bad end if submissiveness gets to high.
  • Kelt now has bad end if you are a centaur.  Stay the fuck away from him if you don't want to become his breeder.
  • The players hidden 'submissiveness' value now declines over time, so you can stay away from Kelt to lower it.
  • Kelt can now impregnate you if you are in heat and land the right scene.

Working on Kelt(Done Now) + 0.3.6 Release + Fanart

Whelp I intend to stream a few hours and get some work done on the game as I snuck home from work to work on CoC.   I'm hoping to get Kelt finished or almost finished today.  Wish me luck.  ITS OVER.  If you like my work ethic lately, drop a donation!  I'm still a ways away from the goal but closing rapidly!

New Release! 0.3.6:
  • Added a new encounter at the farm with a centaur named Kelt (Male).
  • Kelt has a bad end and possibly a pregnancy planned but they are not available at the moment.
  • Added a new secondary weapon (its a key item, not a replacement for your current weapon) in the form of a bow.
  • Added a special attack for using the bow.
  • Tweaked and fixed some more Marble (a cowgirl at the farm) stuff.

Also here is some excellent artwork I received in the email today that's pretty representative of most people's experiences within CoC.  Artist can be found here.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Stream and Bugfix Coming Tonight

I got some nice donations so I tried (and failed) to get off early from work today to stream.  Never fear, I will endeavor to earn your monies.  I'd like to raise around $500 total by the end of the month to help get bills caught up and pay off any loans I might need to make in the interim (It takes 14 days for the cash I get in donations to make it's way to my bank account, so I'll be borrowing money if I can't make rent).  So I am going to be working hard, coding, writing, and working with every spare moment I have.  And if anyone has any experience with adult payment site processors and the systems necessary to set up a pay site, I'd like to chat with you - if I'm ever going to write/code games like this full time I need to get this stuff figured out.

I figure on a stream tonight to clean up some marble bugs, then a release of that tweaked build.  Also I hope to work some more on Kelt (another user submitted event for the farm involving a male centaur).  Last night, rather than going to bed I re-wrote some stuff for my planned farm update, so I might start layering that in after as well to really start tying it together.

EDIT: Stream Complete.

Bugfix Release 1 for Marble [DONE]:
  • Various fixes to the logic in Marble's events.
  • Fixed a few holes where withdrawl and/or marble's milk were not being properly applied/removed.
Kelt Progress:

  • 90% Coded.  Bad ends and pregnancy not coded yet as they were flagged as 'unfinished'.  I might still work a bad end or two in though.
  • Planning a release tomorrow if I can get off work to do some event linking & testing in the afternoon, then do a public test stream and release in the evening.
  • I'm working hard because you guys are jawsome!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moar Progress Reports

I've been working hard on clearing up any typos and bug reports for Marble I've gotten so far.  Expect an updated build tomorrow night to resolve most of the issues.   I wish I kept logs of my total time streaming but I think I hit at least 5 or six hours of stream-time again today.  Kelt (the centaur encounter) got almost half of his texts put into code and marble is starting to get a bit less buggy.  If I keep pounding away at the code like this I'd expect to have Kelt done within a week.  For reference Kelt is a 20+ page file, just like Marble was.   Personally I like Kelt a bit more because its more S&M and less touchy-feely, but that's just me.  I can't wait to have both up and working at 100%!


Next Game Plans:
I figured out some ideas in the shower today here they are in random order:
  • Next Game will be sci-fi themed, in a universe where cum and breastmilk are in high demand.  Cum for medical research and genetic experimentation and breastmilk as a prized foodstuff of the rich.  The player will play the role of a "Collector" who makes a living managing a slave and his/her/hir output.  By law, Collectors may only manage one 'producer', so when you tire of a character you'll be able to sell them off or retire them to a personal harem.
  • Obviously items will have to be usable on multiple characters and save files will get larger to handle all the additional data.
  • Items will generally be much more specific than in CoC.
  • The game is planned to support pictures, though not for all events. 
  • I'll start on the game whenever I figure out how to work full time on these games, or when I 'complete' CoC.  So worst case scenario - about a year or two from now.  Best case scenario?  6-7 months if I get a paysite rolling.
  • Its hella-ambitious and I'll be lucky to get half of it done.

Lame Stuff:
I am doing a bit of a donation drive to try and get caught up on my bills.  Basically if I get decent donations on any given day/night I try to make up for it by getting off work early and streaming my heart out.  Last night I got $65, which helps.  If I could get a few hundred it would get my last few bills that are behind out of the hole.

<3 You All!

Working Moar (0.3.5 Up!)

Thanks to some generous donations last night I didn't feel guilty about taking off from work early at all today.  And now you reap the rewards:  I'm working on getting marble's last linkages done now, and then I'll do a little internal testing.  Finally, I'll link some test builds up in the stream so I can have you guys help me look for bugs/balance issues.   Marble is fairly complex so there is a good chance things won't work 100% right.   TheDarkMaster - if you're reading this I hope you get with me so I can hook you up with a build, you'll know if anything is going wrong with it more than I will.
EDIT: Stream over.  Got Marble done and started on Kelt.  Marble's release is below.
EDIT2: You missed 2 more streams also.

0.3.5 POSTED - Changelog:
  • The trees in the corrupted glade can now be interacted with in high-corruption scenarios. 
  • A new encounter at the farm involving the cow-girl, Marble.  She won't appear till the farm is in your places tab (50% chance after that).   Be aware that she is a vastly different type of encounter than Jojo.

<3 Fen


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goliath Online

I'm about to drop the hammer, and dispense some indiscriminate coding!
(EDIT:  I shut it down for steak but its back up again!)
EDIT2: I'm done for now.  It'll be back later tonight I hope.
EDIT3: I streamed a bit longer but its over now.

  • Main Marble Coding - 100% Done
  • Marble Event Linkage - 85% Done
  • Marble Testing - 20% Done
  • Marble Update ETA:  Tomorrow Nite (There will be coding and then some buggy test releases dumped into livestream before the real release.)
  • Fenoxo's Farm Update stats - 0% all around.  Fuck you iPad not syncing documents.
  • Nuku's events I was writing for him - 0% all around.  Fuck you iPad.
  • The rest of my backlog - Ugh.  0%.  Still a bunch more shit to sift through.
  • Rent - Looks like I'll be a bit short on rent this month.  So either Bad Dragon needs to pay me for my ad *grumble*, or I need to get lucky with donations.  I'm trying to get my activity back up to where it needs to be so that I don't feel like a mooch.  Considering I put in a good 5 hours on the game today I'm not complaining.

Friday, August 26, 2011

WTF Stream!


I'm actually working (on the game).   Fun Fact:  I'm done going home early from work early when its slow.  I had to sell off the iPad to pay some bills, so it was a bit of a wake-up call.  

EDIT: I got through most of converting marble to code.  I had to make some logic edits and cut some things.  We will see how it goes when I reassemble it all together.  I'm about 5/6 through converting the submitted file into code.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Drinking 'N Coding

I hate huge submitted events.  Rawr.   Seriously.  Got way more frustrated working on this event than I have any right to, and totally nuked my motivation within an 70 minutes or so.

I know I closed submissions for a month...but I think it might become an indefinite hold excepting very limited instances, or a switch to a more open ended style of "You can send me an event but its 90% likely I won't code it".   Having this backlog is killing my motivation, and every time I try to work on it I either get frustrated trying to figure out how to make these events work the way the authors want, or dragged off by RL obligations (or sex).

GLOOM AND DOOOOOOOM (I do still intend to do Kelt and force myself to finish Malon.  But I'm at a point where I might put them on hold a while and try chipping at them in small chunks, so as not to kill myself.)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

I found more fanart on Hentai-Foundry!  Apparently I have my own category :P

I also parsed out some of marble, its a beast of an event and I'm too buzzed to do much with it right now. I'm at about 20% parsed, 0% linked.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

0.3.2 (Uber Update - LOL Go Play TF2!)

Release 0.3.2:

  • Worms can now be removed by pure Jojo or Giacomo (for a fee).
  • Various small tweaks to some sex-scenes to better accommodate centaurs.
  • New victory rape scene for defeating imps (remember, you can only beat imps if you beat them with lust) and centaur characters.   In total it was a 9 page word document so hopefully it will satisfy you centaur-ifiles.   I certainly liked coding it :3
  • New orally focused loss-scene for the minotaur (50% chance - disabled for centaurs because it wouldn't make sense).
  • Minotaur autorape chances have been tweaked to be more easily avoided.  
  • Added perk descriptions to the perk display page.  These will only appear for new characters or perks that have been gained since this update. 
  • If you have hooves the equinum bad end will not happen until after you've got full centuar.  This should make centaur grinding a bit easier.
  • Added a new and potentially fourth-wall breaking event in the mountains if you go there at a low level, are weak, and run into a minotaur.
Don't blame me for that last one, I didn't write it, I just thought it was hilarious and coded it ^.^

Short Stream Tonight (ITS OVER)

I'm crazy-ass tired though, so no promises on it lasting very long.   What will I be coding?  A hilarious and somewhat horribly fourth-wall-breaking event in the mountains to help keep new players from being bum-raped (and give them a bit of warning), written by Dxasmodeus (genderless tentacle event?  Yup, same writer).   More small tweaks to fix centaurs in existing sex scenes.   And then if I have energy I'll start on some of the other big submissions still clogging my email.

For those who missed it before:

I'll start taking them again in about a month, after I've had a chance to clear my backlog and get the farm update written/done.  I won't lie, my overall productivity has dropped due to vidjagames & an increased workload irl.   Mostly videogames though.  TEAM FORTRESS 2 (GIMME YER HATZ)!

I've also been framing up my next engine at work (or in the shower) and mentally slotting the pieces together.  I want to get it into a fairly functional framework for handling TF's with a few example events and items, and then release it, to see if people find it a bit more usable.  CoC I think is a victim of it's own complexity.

Here's the current nextGen 'Corruption Engine' to-do list:

  1. Create an array of 'creature' (my datatype used for players/monsters) to make for easy loading and storage of players, monsters, and potentially pets/camp followers.
  2. Create a system for queuing up a series of events.  This one is huge, and should let me handle looting multiple items from one combat and enable me to have events trigger off other events with MUCH more grace.
  3. Fully encapsulate the body-parts into the creature class (yay private variables!), and set up functions to return every specific value I'd need to check, with decent error-checking (and reporting) to prevent event-crashes when an unexpected bodytype goes down the wrong logic tree.
  4. Handle statuses/keyItems/perks in a slightly less retarded way.  My hasPerk() type functions are stupid and overly complex for what I need.
  5. Recode items to be in an array, so my item code doesn't have to have so much duplicate code.
  6. Improve text parsing to make using my randomized body-part descriptions less of a hassle.
  7. Document the key functions as I write them and create a short guide for each kind of event you could put into the game.
  8. I still wish I could teach myself XML, I think having some kind of event importer would make my job a lot easier, but ehhhhhh.
GAH!  You get the idea.  Anyways, I'm off to dinner, see you guys tonight!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fail & Progress Report

Things I did today:
-Coded two ways to get rid of worms.
-Wrote about 2000 lines for a commission (No I'm not open for more, this was a special case).  It won't show up in CoC, though I'll pimp it pretty hard once it gets finished and coded into place.  I'm about 1/2 done with it for now.
-Sent my first files to my new second editor.  When I'm busy/behind like I currently am I think I'll just split the workload between them, rather than having them do the file in series.

Other stuff I don't think I've talked about:
-Perk descs got done.
-Couple new scenes are in.
-I have an imp night-ambush gangbang that showed up in my inbox to code as well, somehow I'm still falling further behind :P
-Still waiting on 26 page submission to come back from editor 1.
-There is an event at the lake if you're pregnant with oviposition elixer that lets you choose your egg color.  This is live in the latest release of the game.  

Also I'd like to apologize for promising a stream, then bailing within the first 10 minutes a few nights back, but when the old lady comes in wanting sex, it takes precedence.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Working Nau

It's over!  I got the scene coded and went through a bunch of other tweaks/bugs/typos that were reported to me as well.   Good progress.  Now to play TF2...

Coding a submitted centaur on imp scene, then who knows what:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UPDAAAATE (0.3.1b3)

I'll probably squeak in a late livestream this evening around 9 or 10 CST.   I remembered to send off the 26 page lactating cowgirl submission to my editor, and I think I might start setting up to code it tonight.   If not, I'll probably do a little coding and TF.  This is all dependent on me getting time to catch a nap though, I'm a bit sleep deprived.  I got a bugfix build 0.3.1b3 build out.  It fixes a bunch of shit and I coded half of a large centaur on imp rape scene (not activated yet).

I'm knocking out a few things right now to try and make the game a bit more error-resistant.  Also fixing up the tentacle beast so you can fight it if your corrupt and want to.   Oh and large blue eggs will counter multi-tits in the future.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Real Life Work... a bitch.  Between that, getting to go out with an old friend, and being 'dad' (seriously how fucked up would it be to learn your dad did something like this?), I didn't get much of anything done lately.  It's going to be a pretty sparse week for me, so have some awesome porn from Hentai Foundry.

Click the Image to View Original Source

Friday, August 5, 2011

Snake-Trap Comic & the Coding Master & Unfinished Char Viewer Up For DL

The character viewer flash app is done.  It will let you select existing save files and will attempt to display them.  There are still some numerous issues with it (no nipples, multidicks, hair/skin color, etc), but it gives a pretty solid approximation now :3  You can find it in the downloads section.

Snake-Trap's newest comic is awesome and you should all go buy it.   I'm not sure if playing the dungeon helped inspire it or not, but has a body growth set up that would be right at home with the demons ruling the wilds of Mareth, even if it uses World of Warcraft themed characters.

No I'm not being paid in any way for endorsing this, I just want to see Snake-Trap's stuff succeed because I love the comics he pushes out.

I also got to spend some time listening to John Carmac's talk from Quake Con.  Who is he?  One of the pioneers of modern 3d graphics technology, and a friggin' genius.  Even if some of the stuff he talks about is way outside my knowledge, I could listen to him ramble about this stuff for hours.

Wow does he ever make me feel like a terrible programmer.  It did inspire me to think on my engine a bit and I've got some big changes to help reduce the number of bugs in the next version.  I also want to do some kind of simpler parsing system and lock down variables a bit better to prevent some of the event crashers.   I think my next game is going to break away from CoC and take place in a more sci-fi setting, hopefully I can get started on it sometime in early winter and have a prototype done sometime decent. 

I did learn today how to make optional function arguments.   It was simple and again, I feel retarded for not knowing it.


Knee-Jerk Bugfix 2:
-Fixed a few typos in cunt/ass stretching.
-Fixed anal virginity loss not reporting.
-Fixed speed and intelligence being in reverse order on the level up stat selection list.
-Fixed a few typos.
-Whitney's farm is now a bit easier to relocate to places (and a bit more clear when it does.)
-Minotaur double-dick scene should be a bit easier to encounter.

0.3.1 (Untested) Release

So I haven't tested this build at all, so I'm keeping 0.3F posted for now as it is more bug-free.

As always, available from the download link on the sidebar.  Please do not repost it until I get a chance to do a bit more bug-squishing.

  • The boat will now find Marae much more often since the lake is so boring atm.
  • Tentacle Monster is now fightable (Thank Dxasmodeus of FP!)
  • A new bad-end has arrived for when you lose to the tentacle beast numerous times as a corrupt herm.  Pro-tip:  Don't lose!
  • New herm-multicock on bee-girl victory rape event by Mallowman.
  • Additional tentacle monster loss rape text for very milky players.  (If you want credited for it I need you to send me an email with the alias you'd like to go by.)
  • New player-on-bee double-dick rape text available.  The text is pretty damned messy so if you find a typo or run on sentence, feel free to copy paste the offending blurb to point it out to me.  I already fixed a couple when I was coding it. (As above, I need an alias to credit this to.  Email me with it content creator!)
  • Minotaur Urethral Penetration rape scene by Nightshade.  (Requires dick <= 4" thick, and greater than 14 inches of length.)
  • The option to take the incubus' member now exists for those who like that sort of thing.
  • Anal stretching now happens.
  • Tweaked vaginal stretching
  • Bee girls now support centaurs (mostly just small changes to the sex).
  • More typo fixes.
  • Tentacle monster no longer always shows up in debug mode (and fixed a bug with the imp overlapping it).
  • Fixed an issue with some of the bee-girl text missing.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Moar Work? Zug zug!

Knocked out most of the smaller stuff on my backlog today:
-New high lactation tentacle event.
-Two new multicock scenes for beegirl rape (2x cocks & 5 or more cocks)
-New 'take it up the bum' scene for the factory's incubus.

EDIT: Uber Late-Nite Update:
-Bee girl has received numerous alterations to accommodate centaur characters (and typo fixes).  Thank my mystery helper.
-Dungeon has received a few bug fixes and typos as well.
-Tweaked cunt stretching text (it was missing text at the last change)
-Added anal stretching (love me furfags!)   (<3)

There may be some new bugs introduced due to me throwing so many new if-checks into the sex scenes, but I'm sure you guys will help me murderize them as they crop up.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dungeon Re-Release

Putting out the final bugfix release (0.3F - no new content).  Most of the changes:
  • Fixed a bug that caused equinum to crash out when trying to change your dick to an equine member.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause bee-rape to crash out (and cause next to loop to a fresh rape scene a few times).
  • Fixed a big with key item removal.  Trading away hentai comics should now properly remove it from your key items.
  • Rewrote item storage to be more efficient and stop claiming its full before you even pick an item (potentially buggy).
  • Rewrote a chunk of the inventory system to avoid losing an old equipped weapon when switching to a new one from a stack of multiples. 
  • Reworded some of the breast/nipple masturbation to prevent nonsensical phrasing.
  • Corrupt Jojo now drops Incubi Drafts and Succubi Milk.
  • Enter/Space are now hotkeyed to 'LEAVE' as well.  This should make Giacomo and the Alchemist a bit less painful to encounter.
  • Perks/Appearance buttons now hide when leveling up, to prevent you from accidentally leaving the level up choices before picking a stat/perk to increase/gain.
  • Fixed many typos.

...And got some work done.  The submitted fightable tentacle beast modification is done and coded (for the NEXT release). Next up: all the small misc submissions before I tackle the 26 page monster.


Monday, August 1, 2011

User Submissions Closing

I've got to close user submissions for the time being.  I'm falling behind both in my own work and in user submitted stuff and I never want to get to a point where I have an event sitting on my desk waiting to be coded for months on end.  Those of you who have existing content in the game (or submitted) are free to continue sending me updates/new scenes for that stuff, but be aware I've got a bit of a backlog now.  I got a 26 page event today on top of everything else I've been putting off while I did the dungeon, so I've got to put a stopper on the content faucet or I'm never getting caught back up.

It always takes me much longer to code submitted content than my own stuff (particularly multi-level complex events like the aforementioned submission or the centaur from the contest), because I have to figure out how all the logic is going to be laid out and broken up into functions.  Usually with my own stuff that's already been figured out while I'm writing.

Speaking of my own stuff, I did get a chance to sit down today and crank out a chunk of farm update stuff.  I even managed to write a solid chunk of using the cock-milker the first time.

Also:  I'm poor.  Note to self - DON'T SIGN UP TO GO HOME EARLY.