Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tonight's To-Do List (Sorry I left the stream link up after I went to bed)

To-do list, post-stream:

-Finish camp storage system.
-Overhaul some of the item-logic code to remove some redundancies and make it more efficient for me to add more systems that slot into items (like a shop).
-Write a few pages of stuff for the dungeon.
-Code the submitted hell-hound event?  I'm still not 100% sure I like it, I may do some more rewrites even beyond what I had my editor do (I've only selected one at the moment, and I banned him for 5m like a dick during the stream last night.  I'm a terrible 'boss'.  Apparently it was just a guy with a similar name.  whew.)
-Mayyyyybe release a quick new build if I finish the camp/item stuff and get the hellhound in.

Also, Snake-Trap is the pimpest of pimps:
(This is part 3, See the post below for parts 1 & 2)
0.2.6 slipped out.  No new sex in it though.  LOL
*Whitney's Farm will no longer be encountered at the lake once it is in the places tab.
*There is a new low-probability encounter at the lake with a potential new weapon that scales in power based on your purity.
*Comfortable clothes should no longer disappear when equipping new armor.
*The fetish outfits will revert to comfortable clothes if unequipped.
*Five 'natural' colored hair dyes are now in the game, purchaseable for 50Gems from Rathazul.
*All items should now have tooltips.
*Coded in an in-camp storage system, to be unlocked by finding chests during your exploration.  Only 1 chest coded so far. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Streaming Tonight (OVER)

Streams are over for the night.  Here's the checklist:

-(DONE) Add an event that allows your character to procure a sword, but only if the player is relatively uncorrupted.  If the player becomes corrupt they would lose the ability to use the sword.
-(DONE)-Add an event for Rathazul to allow the player to purchase a few simple hair dyes in exchange for a vial of minotaur blood or honey (black, blond, white, red, auburn, brown).  I may introduce some exotic colors like pink/purple/blue/green/orange in exchange for some rarer kind of material (I went with 50 Gems per dye instead of a trade.)
-(90% DONE)Code the back-end for the system below
-Add an event where the player can find an old chest in the desert that will hold 4 item slots worth of items at camp.  In theory the player could find up to 4 of these, allowing 16 items to be stored across two pages of menus.   I figure since I am adding equipable items I need to allow a place to store them.
-(DONE) Allow the player to keep the cultist-outfits or comfortable clothes when equipping new armors.
-Maybe start on the hellhound if I have time but I doubt it.

I didn't get energy to work on the dungeon today like I planned, but I did fix some bugs and work on coding in a new awesome weapon and associated events for those who are pure of heart.

Let me leave you with something Snake-Trap drew, apparently inspired by my game (SWEET!).  Also go buy his stuff, it's awesome and full of TF/Body Part Growth.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bug Fixes Ahoy!

I finally had time to trawl the bug reports I've been receiving in comments and get a LOT more broken stuff fixed.   BEHOLD!

*Raping the ooze should no longer sometimes give fetish cultist rape scenes.
*Herm double-rape scene for the fetish cultist has been fixed.
*Minotaur Blood's height change now happens somewhat more often and gives a larger increase in height.
*Fixed a duplicate line in the cunt-nipple masturbation scene.
*Places can no longer be accessed when debilitatingly aroused.
*More typos fixed.
*Bee-girl rape option is removed for the genderless.
*Fixed purified incubus drafts still adding corruption (I hope).
*Losing to the fetish cultist now makes you slightly dumber and leaves a little lust behind.
*Places can no longer be accessed when debilitatingly aroused.
*More typos fixed.
*Bee-girl rape option is removed for the genderless.
*Fixed purified incubus drafts still adding corruption (I hope).
*Losing to the fetish cultist now makes you slightly dumber and leaves a little lust behind.
*Fetish cultist now focuses on entirely lust-based attacks.
*Lots of typos/tweaks to the fetish cultist rape scenes.

"No Mr. Barker, you shouldn't spay your pet bee-girls!"
I'm ashamed of myself for making that joke.

As always, updated link is in the sidebar.

..TOoo Much TF2!

So here's what I got done in spite of it:
0.2.5b1 Changes:
*Fixed typo of 'bed' instead of 'bet' in alchemist encounter.
*Debug mode no longer force you to lay black eggs.
*Items are no longer equippable in debug mode to prevent weirdness and bug reports for things that aren't bugs.
*Black eggs will now lay the correct size of egg.
*Fixed a bug with running from the worms that could result in you being in combat with your last foe.
*Fixed a bug where the runner perk would malfunction and cause weirdness.
*Fixed the gel armor to be plural like all other armor names ('comfortable clothes, etc).
*Fixed the fetish cultist so the text at the end properly reflects whether or not your armor is permanently changed.
*The Fetish Cultist's 'penis' sex scene should now work fine for those with a singular penis.

-Herms will get two rape sequences jammed together when they rape the cultist.  This is already fixed for bugfix build 2.
-Various typos.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

0.2.5 Dropping In 3....2....1.....BWUH?!

That's right.  0.2.5 is dropping now.  Not a HUGE update per-say, but I definitely haven't forgotten about CoC in the past few weeks!   Also, I added a link to Snake-Trap's stuff because he is awesome.  I figured if I can't find a decent advertiser, I may as well advertise awesome people/art!

0.2.5 Changelog:

*Fixed some of the masturbation for nipplecunts + single cocks that are long enough to autofellate.
*Fixed some errors in the masturbation code regarding multi-cocks + nipplecunts, as well as few that could crash out of the masturbation scene.
*New loss scene when losing via lust to imps. The scene requires your primary cock to be at least 4 inches thick. (Urethral insertions ahoy!)
*Added "black rubber eggs" to the game. They can transform your skin/hair to rubber or latex. Hair/skin will match materials, though which you get is the luck of the draw. Not you need a large egg to actually get the skin transformation.
*Added a "Fetish Cultist" encounter to the lake who can sometimes change the player's clothing into something a bit more...fetishy.
*Adding a droppable riding crop item to the new fetish-cultist.
*Added a droppable axe to the minotaurs with axes (sometimes it breaks before you can take it, and you have to be big enough for it.)
*Added an alchemist.
*Added a non-consumable green-gel drop to the slimes.
*Added a use for the green-gel drop.
*The alchemist may purify certain demonic potions for a fee. Purification removes the demon-specific morph effects and the +corruption effects of the item.
*The places menu will appear after encountering Whitney's farm enough times, allowing you to go directly to the farm.

Bit o' Progress

Coded in an alternate rape-scene for the new monster tonight.  I also added a new non-combat encounter at the lake I hope to expand on in the future.  For now it provides a use for the gel's those pesky lake monsters drop.

At this point I could probably chuck it out and call it 0.2.5, but I'm going to hold back on it a bit and see if I can expand on things a bit more and maybe code the 2nd user-submitted monster I have clogging up my inbox.

<3 Fen

Friday, June 24, 2011

Updates and Requests

Working on wrapping up writing the sex scenes for the incubus today.  I wanted to have four total rape scenes available to choose from depending on endowments, but I'm burning out, so one is unfinished.   If any aspiring and particularly anal-focused writers want to take a stab at it, the scene would be this:

-The incubus is defeated and starts out dropped to his knees due to lust/wounds.  He wears mechanics overalls with a large hole in the crotch through which his foot-long member hangs.  He can adjust the size/shape of his member at will.
-The rape scene is mainly for genderless individuals or those who really like stuff in the butt.  Basically the player forces down the incubus and takes the incubus' dick up their ass.   Beyond that the event is up to you, but it should accommodate any gender.
-Please send to so I can start sending it through my potential editors.

Editor Updates:
I sent off a scene to the first six applicants in my 'good' pile.  I think I'm still waiting on responses from a few, but from what I've seen I have two people I am going to give a try.   If you didn't get selected, apologies.  Those of you who have written before for me and applied, I've held back from selecting you because I don't want you burning out on this stuff, I'd rather have you continue to make the game better.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Working working working....

New bits in bold.  Not the minotaur axe won't be able to be looted at release unless you're tall enough for it.  The nice thing is the systems I'm setting up for this will make it trivial to add more weapons/armors. 
Forgive the massive file-size!

<3 Fen

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

RAAAAGEEE - Well Dead HDD's Really.

So both new hard drives I ordered are DOA.  This is after I moved my existing HDD's into the other computer I was going to use them for and deleted half the content on them.  Thankfully I was able to just grab one old HDD out, run on it, and then format the other computer to slap XP on it.  Most of my stuff is still intact, including CS4, so I can code/stream/play whenever still.

Because of all the headaches from yesterday, I haven't had time to sort the editor pile or write anything new.  Thankfully I've got 3-4 submitted events to code so I can work on those tonight or tomorrow.  Tomorrow I'll have the place to myself for quite a few hours so I'm going to try to be productive and write at least 2000-3000 words for the dungeon during the morning/afternoon.   Just keep in mind that's a goal and not a promise.  Here's some excellent porn (kinda furry, sorry), from a great artist on FurAffinity.

I would like a seat at this table. 
Art By: TehSean of Furaffinity

Lastly, I scraped up some cash to splurge and get a Fleshlight.  I've never owned anything like it before so I figured I may as well try it once.  The 15% sale & a 20% off coupon I found online helped.  Anyhow, I'll write a review at some point in a day or two and link it up.  

Fen out!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Potential Downtime

I'm doing some major swapping on the hard-drive and probably having to reinstall windows today on two computers.  So there is a good chance there will be some major downtime tonight and into tomorrow as I bring everything back up.  I'm already sad - when I started my backup I didn't realize my external would vape all the old stuff it had on it from my last backup, so I lost a LOT of movies and probably some software as well that I had saved from years back.

But, I'll be going from 300GB to 2.25TB of space so I can be a digital pack-rat and install all my steam games at once and have movies and whatnot :3

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Need Editors [LIES, ITS OVER!]

I'd like to get two editors to run submissions through to make sure things are in decent shape before I copy/paste someone else's typos into my game.   The idea is like this:

1. Some guy sends me a terrible idea.
2. Editor #1 reads it and tells me it's garbage.
3. Some other guy sends me a not-so-terrible idea.
4. Editor 1 reads and tweaks grammer/typos, sends to editor 2.
5. Editor 2 reads and lists any concerns or additional grammer/typo issues and sends it back to me to make the final call on.
6. You get porn.  YEEEAAAAAAAHHH.

I only want two editors tops, and I need them to have the following desires/qualifications:
-Desire to stick with the project for some time, and track record of seeing things through to completion.
-Skills at proof-reading.
-Skills at following branching logic directions and noting any flaws/gaps that could arise when placed into code.
-Ability to do this on a regular basis without more than a few days turnaround time.

If you'd like to apply to help out, just shoot an email over to my email address (available in the sidebar!)

-Fenoxo Fenfen

There are 45 applications in my inbox (unread).  I think I paged through about 15 before I fell behind.  I'll try to sort through the remained tomorrow.  It is going to be very hard to choose two, so what I'll have to do is just sort them into 'wheat' and 'chaff' piles, then choose two at random (or who strike my fancy).  Fret not - if/when the first two flake out or don't meet my expectations, I'll move on to some more of you guys.

Yesterday I managed to get 1000 words of player on incubus rape written.  Nothing done tonight.  Meh.  I've got 2-3 submitted events I'd like to code this weekend but I'm gonna be busy so we will see.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Workin Oooooout

So I've started working out again :3  Gonna get buff.    Like this guy:

Anyways, got one of four possible player on incubus rape scenes done tonight that I wanted to write tonight.  Probably not going to stream tomorrow, I need sleep.

Friday, June 17, 2011

More Terraria Stream! [OVER}

Played more terraria.  Wrote some of the player on incubus rape scene earlier today and tweaked the latexy egg a bit more.  Not a very big day for progress :/

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Latex/Rubber Eggs

Did a bit of coding to introduce eggs that turn your skin/hair to a rubber/latex.   Also played more terraria with Xadera for kicks.  Expect me to do that a lot more ;)

I still need to write the player raping the incubus scenes and then I'll be done with the first dungeon, but who knows how long that will take!

Anyways, peace!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Terraria + Progress Update

I livestreamed some Terraria with Xadera till she lost connection tonight.  I also wrote the last couple 'loss' scenes for the incubus for the new dungeon.  Now I just need to write the 'player rapes incubus' scenes.   Also MoT gave me an awesome image to use for livestreaming gaming.   You'll see it pop up from time to time whenever I do a livestream of a game.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A New Challenger Appears!

So I was at the arcade playing "Super Text TF Extreme Championship Edition", when up walks Tacoking.  He plunks in two quarters, selects 'Pornarium' and thoroughly whomps me!   Turns out I'm not as good at made up arcade machines as I thought.

Ahhh, awful arcade analogies and alliterations aside, Tacoking's terrific transformation themed game is pretty sweet.  It is still a work in progress and has it's fair share of bugs, but given the short development cycle the progress is amazing.   The best description I can give it is if my game and the slavemaker game engine had a baby.   Walls of text + hot hentai pics?  Win!   My only gripe is that I feel like I'm fighting with the user interface half the time when I'm playing.  Still, swing by his blog and give it a spin if your looking for something new to try!

In other news, MoT whipped me up a nice lil image of Jojo with a controller to post when I'm livestreaming gaming, though I'm hanging back on posting it now as it's still very sketchy and I'm not sure if he's going to refine it any more.

Also, I finally blew up at my significant other today and I'm just taking a wait and see option with it now.  I was pretty close to walking out.   Thankfully I channeled that into renewing my gym membership and now I hurt all over.  Horray for being productive.

There will be a livestream starting sometime between 9-10 central time tonight  I have nothing pending so I'll probably try to write a bit, then fire up Crysis and shoot some Koreans.

EDIT: Gah, sorry I left the link up.  I was drinking last night.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ads Gone

They seemed shady and I only made like $0.98 so it wasn't worth the cost of potentially giving you all malware.   In it's place I'll just put up an advertisement of my own, and I may throw up banner ads of my own for sites/companies I like in the meantime to support them.

I'll do a stream @ approx 10CST for a little while to sort through some submitted sex scenes and maybe code one or two in, then release a small update with a few bug-fixes.   I'm battling a major case of writer's block, so apologies if I wander off, sleep, or play crisis for the last bit.  Also I haven't touched alcohol in about a week now.  Next up: Caffeine.


0.2.4b4 should be on the sidebar (if it isn't give me a few minutes!):
*Capped Gore damage @ 35 for normal hits and 70 for crits.
*Removed automatic mention of tattered scrolls from sand-witch whether she dropped them or not.
*Recoded nippleDescript() to reference nippleCunts more.
*Fixed a bug in winning against the demon pack that would set your lust to a very high value.
*Fixed cerulean potion so you stop thinking Giacomo has cheated you after experiencing one first-hand.
*Bee-girl has two new multicock rape scenes.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

[STREAMING @ 8P Central!] Fallout:NV

Played a bit of Fallout: NV instead of getting things done.

-Just fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed slot 4 when quicksaving to slot5.
-And then I was lazy.  Sorry :/

EDIT:  shitty morning, so I streamed a bit more NV.
EDIT2: I got Fallout new vegas in my blooooood.  Playing again this morning instead of being productive.
EDIT3: Sorry I forgot to remove the link when i was done.  I'M STREAMING MORE FALLOUT (Got a big backlog and needing a bit of a break from the frenzied CoC updates we've had as well as my personal fallout!)
EDIT4: Sorry I forgot mention when I was done.  I've been a bit lax in keeping up these past few days.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I recoded nippleDescript() the other day to account for different sizes/fuckabilities of nipples.  It took me an hour and a half, but there should be a lot of word variety available for nipples now.

Also new advertiser, hopefully this one is more sane ^.^  The last one said that my blog did not contain adult content (WTF).

Also, I present the gift of giant boobs with giant nipples, courtesy of a great fan, Eligitine.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I fiddled with AlertPay some more, and currently I cannot get it set up to accept credit cards directly without an AlertPay account.    Which sucks, but AlertPay has adult accounts on hold while they fiddle with the banks and they won't give me any ETA on how long that will take.

So I'm still looking for a suitable alternative there.  If anyone knows of any decent non-paypal solutions I'd be happy to investigate them.

Lastly, I'm still in the market for a decent advertiser, so any decent proven links would be extremely helpful.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

0.2.4b3 Out

Nipple-Length isn't 100% set up yet.  Don't bitch at me about it!

0.2.4b3 Changelog:

*AutoSave - There is now an autosave feature that will save your character at the conclusion of each night of rest. This can be turned on/off from the data menu (not at the title screen though as it is re-set upon character creation).
*Fixed 'eggs eggs' appearing when getting the egg-count during birth.
*Fixed a VAGINA ERROR in one of the new minotaur texts. I accidentally used vaginaDescript() instead of assDescript(). WRONG HOLE, WRONG HOLE!
*Fixed failing to run away from the worms.
*Fixed Jojo so you can no longer use him as a masturbation aid when genderless (Sorry!)
*Fixed getting "flankthighs" for your hipdescript().
*Added nipple-length tracking.  Not fully supported yet.
*Added fuckable nipples.
*Added white egg that will grow nipple length.  Large white eggs can give nipplecunts.  Old masturbation code should be good to go with them, but it's untested and pretty experimental.

Have delicious foxboobs, courtesy of Eligitine :D

Friday, June 3, 2011

0.2.4b Release & AlertPay

Firstly, new 'donate' button thanks to some quick google-fu.  It uses the same process it did before - directing you to my InkBunny donate page where you specify the amount, then over to AlertPay.  Given that InkBunny has these options pre-configured it should help protect me from any strange ToS violations that I could be surprised with.  I can verify it works fine - I do have money in my alertpay account that I've received this way.

Now, I just a quick bug-fix build to address a few things.

-Debug is back to off by default.
-Being pregnant with oviposition elixer should no longer break the appearance screen.
-Slime monster should take virginities and stretch cunts as appropriate.

Have some preggers I snagged off /d/.   

Also, if I ever post uncredited art that you know the source of, please let me know so that I can hot-link it to the creator's website. 

<3 Fenfen

Thursday, June 2, 2011

0.2.4 Released.

Link in the usual place on the sidebar.

0.2.4 Changelog:
*Ovi Elixer item that will allow you to lay different colored eggs (blue/pink/purple/brown done).
*'Who Cares' button fixed as well as the problem that could result in you seeing worms despite picking 'turned off'.
*Fixed worm rape scenes not showing when you lose to them by a method other than the infest attack.
*Fixed multi-cock tentacle masturbation (had a few blank spots in it)
*Two minotaur scenes involving multicocks (requires tentacle-dick)
*New multicock vs sandwitch variant.
*New knot-the-sandwitch scene.

Now, does anyone know any solid adult/furry advertisers who might be interested in advertising here?  I'm already trying to get in contact with bad-dragon.   I'm not cool with any advertisers that might host/distribute any form of malware.

EDIT: Experimenting with advertisers this week.  Please, DO NOT spam-click the ads thinking it will give me more money.  It'd make me a sad panda.  If anyone notices anything fishy going on, please notify me immediately. 

EDIT2: Lol the ad site says my site violates their TOS or AUP or something.  I'm pretty sure i read the whole thing last night too.  I sent an email to them so hopefully I hear something back.

Soon to hit 1 Million Hits...

You guys are awesome (insert audio clip from Jack Black in Kung-Fu Panda here).   I'll try and get the egg stuff released tonight, though it will probably be on the later side of things as I doubt I'll be home till 9.

Expect to see a stream linked here by 10p CST.

If for some reason my world implodes or I can't hold my tongue and touch off a massive shit-storm, I'm sorry and you all might have to wait a little bit.  But I'll try mightily.

<3 Fenfen

Personal Garbage

I just found some disturbing information. The long and short of it is: I'm going to be single again in two months. Shit sucks, and while I've been making plans to get out if things go sour, I certainly wasn't expecting it to happen this soon. I'll certainly continue to work on CoC, but development time may suffer somewhat for the reasons below.

That gives me two months to get some bankroll saved up for a new apartment and a car to get me to and froom my job. Which means no more taking off early, no eating out, no drinking, and me working my ass off to sell as much unneeded crap as possible on craigslist. I'll also probably start pimping my alert pay for donations and trying to get a new paypal setup.

I also intend to spend the two months working my ass off physically and get back to my physical peak. I don't intend to be single for long :3

I hate this kind of garbage.

Not Dead Yet...

I coded a few submitted events, battled with worse grammar than mine (and probably lost).  Then I worked on the egg item some more.  I did a tiny bit of writing for the dungeon today but it was really an inconsequential paragraph, so hardly worth mentioning.

Also holy shit, nearly 1 million views.  You guys are amazing.