Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stealth Update

I did a small stream for just the FA/FP peeps tonight and still hit 30 viewers.  Woot.  A bit of a clarification for anyone who didn't know - the slime submission was not a slime girl, but rather a goopy beast with a dong.  Deal wit' it  (also we need some fucking slimegirl up in this hizzy).   On the upside - the slime monster is totally coded, I just need to go through and set all the attribute effects of the various rapings.

Anime girls, the other white meat!
Anyways, as soon as I get the stats for the sex scenes done and a decent wallpaper and UI setup finished up I'll be doing the 0.2 release.  Don't let the numbers fool you, it only has one new monster and a lot of little changes, but progress continues.

Friday, April 29, 2011

First off, new fanart by the amazing Jacques00. I owe big time for this amazing pic:

Here's what the new buttons look like.  My only concern is whether or not flash packs the font into the .swf or if the button font will default to something lame on other's computers :/
Hopefully before long I'll have a background image there so it's not so blindingly white, a logo for the title screen, and maybe some fancy borders for the text areas.  I can dream.  Special thanks to Invader of FutanariPalace for the buttons.

EDIT:  Ugh, fonts aren't embedded by default and flash is apparently pretty retarded about how this all works. 
EDIT2:  A few dozen lines of code stolen from a tutorial and we should be good to go.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bit 'o Work Done

I got some prototype button backgrounds sent to me today.  They are balla as fuck.  Also did some work on setting up the perk system, only 4 6 done so far.  I'm holding off on showing them off till I have them and a new background for the window to pretty things up a bit, but:

"There is an Incubi draft on your defeated opponent.  You place an Incubi draft in your fourth pouch."


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stream Over

Streaming Nau!

Not sure what I'll be coding tonight, but you can count on a few things:
  1. Terrible music
  2. .....
  3. Profit
More amazing fanart from Invader of Futanari Palace:
New Build Posted:

0.1.10c Build Notes:
  • Bee encounter rate halved
  • Fleeing now properly advances time.
  • Bees are now flagged as having vaginas in the code and should show arousal messages in combat.
  • Imp Food now clears old text when used.
  • Fixed Traveler's Guide bug - it should now recognize you own it immediately at Giacomo's, and it will now offer a chance to avoid the bee-girl.
  • Added rough but alphabetizer to key items to make the list a bit more manageable.
  • Pure Honey now adds antennae, changes your legs to be chitinous up to your mid-thigh, and allows you to grow a bee abdomen with stinger (Sting attacks not coded yet).
  • Masturbation Menu retooled to allow you to select any of your onaholes or stimbelts.
  • Giacomo's Erotica Store & Masturbation Menu item names shortened to fit, and given pop-up tooltips.
  • Tons of typo fixes

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


For serious.  Ya'll need to feed me more fap material :P  Thankfully the good people at Futanari Palace have a new text game coming down the pipes that has a lot of potential.  I'd hold off on chasing it down just yet, as it's buggy as hell, but in a week or two when it gets a bit more polish I'll link it up here.

Now, on to....Fanart!
We have a slutty Tinkerbell, which reminds me I need to bring back the Faerie at some point in some form.  This was done by Invader of Futanari Palace forums, who also did this awesome little number for Xadera's Nimin game:
Teh secks.

-Worked a bit on a few small fixes/typos 
-Started retooling the masturbation options to allow you to choose between ALL the possible sex toys. 
-Was going to code and then got invited to portal 2 co-op by a maybe tomorrow. For science.
-Finished masturbation menu retooling. 
-Added more variables/function to the event guide.

Friday, April 22, 2011

0.1.10 Released

I'm done streaming, and 0.1.10 is released!  See the sidebar for download link.

-Bee encounter-able in the forest.
-Pure Honey added, but is unfinished.  It only has a few mild effects at the moment.
-Updated stimbelt/onahole to have texts for repeated use.
-There is a new bad-end for one of the sex-toys :D
-Minor bug/typo-fixes.

Corruption of Champions Event Writer's Reference

The following is a guide with some things I would prefer my event writers are aware of before sending things to me.  It's by no means a hard and fast list, but some things (like having your text including the appropriate description functions), can make things go a lot faster for me.  I'm throwing in a jump break since this gets pretty long, so it doesn't eat my blog's front page.  This document will be linked in the sidebar for future use.

2011/4/22 - Document created.  Note to self: Add list of variables later.
2011/4/26 - More standard variables added.  Dick specific variables and functions added.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Livestream Likely Later!

Likely livestreaming later lunkheads!

All alliterations aside....expect it about 10:30PM EST/9:30P CST. NOW

Right now I'm working on getting the last two fan sent bee sexings that I got.  Things to do tonight:

  • Write Herm variant of the player-on-bee rape scene. Done.  Took like an hour and a half >.<
  • Perhaps write seduction sex variants, though this is the first thing on the chopping block if i need to cut content to release by tomorrow night. (CHOPPING BLOCKED!  I'll finish this someday when I need a break from sother monster)
  • Bee-on-Herm rape variation needs written/coded.  I can use the initial rape-text as a fallback for this if I get lazy or need more time. I used the regular rape-text with a small introductory blurb so it makes sense.
  • Genderless bee-on-player rape variation needs done.  As above.
  • Link all events together so the bee girl can be encountered.
  • Do some quick testing and fixing
Pure Honey Changes (Didn't get to these in the stream):

  • Bee-Butt
  • -Functional Stinger
  • --Venom recharge increase
  • Wings
  • Antennae (requires me to first separate ears from faces in the code)
  • Black Hair
  • Bee legs with carapace resembling thigh-high boots and a bit of yellow fuzz on the thighs.

Also, go play some portal 2.  With potatoes.  On the moon.  DO IT!

Post-stream edit:  Well I got a lot done, the bee girl just needs some more testing to make sure everything is working good and then I need to get some basic honey put in and we will be good to go for a tomorrow release.  Oh and I need to add the repeated use variants for the stim-belts.  Dont let me forget.  

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fanart Bribery

Ok this kind of bribery I like.  Awesome porn = <3.  I'm gonna start hammering away at the bee code in an hour or two again.  The basics have been falling into place pretty quickly, though I'd like to get the honey done before a release.  I have yet to start honey :/  I'll probably work it in like I did minotaur blood - a few basic effects in the first release and gradually filling it out as the inspiration hits for each change.  Below is my list of where I want to go post-bee.

Big To-Do Items:
-Pure Honey item.  Effects should be fairly obvious.
-Huge submitted slime-girl encounter (and perhaps associated item depending on how good everything is written for her and how motivated I am).
-Poll Results Encounter (probably going to be a succubi)
-Get Some Perks Done.
-Dungeon A
-Dungeon B

Small To-Do Items:
-Add a 'gore' attack for those with big minotaur horns.
-Add a 'kick' attack for those with hooves.
-Work on splitting face and ears apart so they are two different changes.  Maybe someday we can have bunny-eared dog-people.  All thanks to the miracle of SCIENCE!  I also need to do this to properly code antennae for bee-girls.
-Some small non-combat desert events to add variety.

Also, more stuff stolen from Space Hunk's FA gallery because I like it:

Friday, April 15, 2011

Good God 400k Views!

You all are a machine!   It never ceases to astound me the level of support this game has garnered.  And don't worry guys, my newest MMO addiction doesn't mean I'm abandoning this project - one of the nice things about Eve is it's so slow paced when dealing with industry/mining that I can sit there and write/code at the same time.

How eve online SHOULD be played!

Anyhoo, got some nice rape-texts for the bee girl and it jump-started my imagination.  I think I'll have my own male rape case done shortly (OK it's written and done already), but even if I don't I've got the texts to get a simplified version of her done tonight.  Then it's on to making the pure honey.

EDIT:  Have some word porn I found in my inbox
(Minotaur + Player Goo Girl): The minotaur's erection finally bobs loose from his cum-soaked loincloth, and rises to meet your face.  He watches as your arms encircle his pulsing shaft, hands clasping at the base of its glistening head.  You slowly pull it into your chest, breasts rippling gently as you engulf the minotaurs member.  His rigid dick dips slightly under the weight of the living clocksleeve now flowing from tip to testicles.  As he leans forward longing for release, your body reforms before his powerful arms can reach you.  Long legs wrap gently around his waist, and your breasts swell to fill his hands as a steady stream of pre flows into your chest.  Your hips slowly grind against him, disguising the rapid flow of liquid inside your body rushing its eager guest towards climax.  As he tries pulling out to begin thrusting in earnest, his entire length is sucked back inside you.  His grip on your swollen tits suddenly tightens as his body tenses at the peak of a powerful orgasm.  Hot gouts of cum burst into your body, swelling your belly and staining your insides a milky white.  He collapses to his knees as you suck the last remaining drops into yourself with a contented smile.  The new mass is absorbed slowly into your body, becoming fuller and firmer, your outer skin stretching taut.  The minotaurs cock is wrung dry as it retreats from your tight inner flesh, finally exiting your body with a soft pop of suction.  You depart in search of your next meal, the stains from the minotaurs cum still diffusing thoughout your body.

EDIT2: Female player on bee rape is written but not coded now.  It has a little something for those of you who like big clits, and a lactation reference as well.  Woootles.
EDIT3: Well I didn't work on the game tonight.  We got a netflix subscription and instead I wound up watching Futurama movies.  WOOTLES.  Also my offspring has pneumonia, so that could limit my computer time.  We will see.  Expect a new build soon(tm).

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Terrible Writer's Block

So I tried to work on the bee girl some more...and got one sentence out.  Ugh.  So I'm opening her up *gigity* to outside help here - if anyone wants to take a crack at the following, be sure and send them to me.  See the Giant Bee codex entry for more specifics on them.

Note: Not representative of in-game bee girls at all.  But still awesome.

Victory Rape:

"With your mind made up, you approach the (helpless/horny) bee-girl with a devilish smile painted across your face."  

What I need for this scene:
-Male on Bee-girl sex-scene.
-Female on Bee-girl sex-scene.
-Optional Herm on Bee-girl sex-scene. 

It should not end in a way that would take more than an hour's time.

Loss Rape:
I can actually just re-use a fair bit of her normal 'rape' text for this, but if someone gets inspired to be particularly awesome....

Yes I want this to be an option.  The possibility of consensual straight sex?  SO DEVIANT!  Again, my sex-fu is currently weak and non-functional.  I'd like variants of this to accommodate each gender.  This would happen after resisting her pheromones.  

Today's Progress

Just tracking stuff as I get it done here:
-Fixed issue with demonic claws not properly applying.
-Jojo now properly robs your virginity or stretches your cunt when used as a masturbation tool.
-Fully corrupted Jojo has had his encounter rate dropped by 66%.  Uncorrupted Jojo is unchanged.
-Fixed bad-end bug where the bee's sting attack was overlapping the text.
-Re-organized Onahole code to be more logical in preparation for the repeated use code.
-Incubi Drafts will no longer say they are growing more cocks when you already have 10.
-Onahole repeated use code is done.
-Onahole stat effects got an overhaul - plain onahole reduces sensitivity more than masturbation alone, deluxe reduces it more than plain, and the "all-natural" actually increases sensitivity and corruption but drains your libido.  Currently the highest level of onahole is always used, though I might do a special menu for them sometime.
-Removed the Dildo from Giacomo's shop since it doesn't do anything.  The code is still there, it just isn't listed as an option anymore ^.^

Logically I regarding the all-natural onahole, I would think given what it does to you it should probably increase libido/sensitivity, but then there doesn't seem to be a reason to use it.  Thoughts?

Also awesome futa art I stumbled across:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LiveStream Over!

I'll be live-streaming around 9CST tonight, working on finishing up Giacomo's inventory.  I might do a bit of bee work as well to pass the time.  I'll update this post when it is time.

STREAM OVER - have fanart!

What Got Done:
-Giacomo's Sex-Toy items are turned on (but buggy, and the alternate text for use after the first time hasn't been turned on.  Some also do not have their full stats turned on).
-Dildo still has no use.  Deal with it!
-Giacomo's shop now updates your gems as you buy items instead of after you leave the shop.
-Fixed some bugs but man am I out of practice at this.

Other Stuff:
I made a corp in Eve Online for mining, industry, and perhaps someday wormhole exploration.  If anyone is wanting to get into the game or has a character they're not doing anything with, I'd be happy to have them in Space-Trains LLC.   Send me an email for more information!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

In Sickness and In Health...

Fuck my sinuses.  That is all!

...ok I lied.  But that first sentence is entirely true.   I spent a fair portion of my weekend laying in my bed drooling various bodily fluids everywhere.   I'm recovering and was able to almost finish a whole day of work today.  I'm not sure when I'll get back into the flow of regular updates again.  "Soon" (tm) I hope.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Poll and Today's Work:

I put up a poll for what I should shoot for next.  The basic breakdown of the choices is this:

  • Adding the Faerie & Succubi Encounters from UTG back in.
  • More Monster Encounters/Items (Naga/Spidergirl type stuff)
  • The first dungeon & plot - Zetaz's Cave/Lair
  • Whitney's Farm - this will be under a special 'places' tab once discovered, and will be a source of canine peppers and some farm themed events.  Note - no plans for bestiality there atm, so don't go too nuts you crazy kids.
  • More non-sexual encounters like Jojo's meditation or friendly people/monsters.

Today I'm working on 0.1.9 atm, sorry no stream but I'll update this for today as I get things done:

  • Incubi Drafts and Succubi Milk can now alter your feet into demonic heels or claws depending on gender.
  • Updated Bee Codex entry to 1.1.  I added a new part concerning how they go from the tiny bees that hatch from the eggs to giant-sized bees.
  • Finished code/writing to receive 'pure honey' from bee-girl via [oral secks].
  • Nerfed Succubi Milk breast growth rate.
  • Set up bee-girl combat stats.
  • Wrote some text for using the Pure Honey item, though it is only a small piece.
  • Did some work on the bee's sting attack.  Paralyze venom is done.  Aphrodisiac still feels a bit weak.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Stream

I don't know what I'm going to be doing in this stream but Xadera demanded it.  Also the DMCA post below is a gag ;)

(ITS OVER, Sorry it was brief and I'm tired.  Made some good progress on Giacomo's sex toys, the shop side of them is done, now I just need to port in all the masturbation set up later.  Also the Bee Girl is getting more and more done).

[APRIL FOOLS] Well it has been a good run...


First Notice of Infringement and Declaration

(Continued after the break)