Thursday, March 31, 2011

Codex: Giant Bees (1.1)

Name: Giant Bee
Genders: Almost Exclusively Female, save for a few Drones in each hive.
Hair: Typically black, or black with vertical yellow strands.
Eyes: The eyes of Workers, Drones, and Warrior Bees eyes are glossy black orbs, while the Fertile-Caste and Queens can change their eye-color at will, and may even alter the appearance of their pupils and irises at will, to better entrance their targets. Some of the tainted hive-clusters are rumored to have slitted cat-like eyes, but those few who have gotten close enough to see them have never returned.
Height: The average bee is roughly five feet tall. Drones are typically much shorter, but are rarely seen outside the hive. Warrior Bees can reach seven feet in height, and are fearsome when riled. Queens are by far the largest, at up to thirteen feet in length, though much of a queen's body-size is dominated by her reproductive systems. Fertile-Caste tend to be of average height, anywhere from five to six feet tall.
Appearance: Bees are fairly human-like in appearance, save for their wings and bloated abdomens that extend off the back of their bodies, just above their buttocks. They have small antennae that protrude from their foreheads and large almond-shaped eyes. Bees also have chitinous coverings on their hands, forearms, feet, and lower legs. From a distance the black exoskeleton resembles latex gloves and boots. They rarely if ever wear clothes, though their thighs are covered with downy yellow fuzz. Their skin is unanimously a yellowed but very tan color, with darker black strips near their hips, biceps, thighs, and abdomen. All bees save drones have visible stingers.
Sexual Equipment: Queens have many vaginas along their abdomen, which ends in a large ovipositor. All the other bees save for drones are female, with a single human-like vagina. Fertile-Caste bees also have a retractable ovipositor that is flexible, bulbous, and constantly lubricated. It is located on her abdomen just below her stinger.  Drones are the only male bees, and their gender is obvious to anyone who finds them. Though small in stature, their maleness is nearly as big as their torso. Few are ever seen, as without the constant sexual release a Queen can provide, they die.
Reproduction: Once eggs are suitably incubated they develop, they are 'birthed'.  Usually the entire incubation and birth takes place from a victim's rectum.  Once exposed to open air, the eggs hatch, releasing thousands of regular-looking bees.  These bees are the larval form of giant bees, and will gather resources for the hive for the first four to five years of their life. After stockpiling plenty of resources, they will grow dormant, and be sealed into the hive-wall to mature.  A year later, an adult giant-bee will emerge.
Social Structure: Bees are divided into castes - the workers maintain the hive, the warriors protect the hive from the incursions of monsters and demons, the Queen produces the eggs, the Drones keep the Queen's eggs fertilized, and the Fertile Caste bear the Queen's fertilized eggs into the wilds to find suitable incubators. The bee social structure is rigid in the extreme, and the only bees that enjoy anything resembling leisure time are the Fertile-Caste, though they don't see the harm in laying their eggs.
Special Attributes: Bees have a venomous stinger that can dispense either a paralyzing toxin, an aphrodisiac, or both. The strength of each toxin varies based on the bee's caste, and some of the more specialized castes may lack one of the venoms.  The exact nature and distribution of the venom between castes is unknown.

Don't mind the version number...I just thought it would be an easier way to keep track of these. Be sure to report any typos in this so I can correct them. Eventually I'll compile all these together and add them to the game or put together a .pdf file with the text and commissioned pictures :D
-(Clarified a few sentences)
-Added reproduction paragraph

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Streaming a bit o' code.

Sorry the last one died off so quickly, I'm going to be working on finishing getting some things into the game and hopefully getting an update out this afternoon.  I'm hoping this is a longer one since I have the house to myself for the next 5 hours :D

Also show me your bewbs >:}

--------------ITS OVER--------------
(but you can still show me bewbs :D)

Monday, March 28, 2011


...sorry guys, I've just been feeling super burnt out on lately.  Melancholy has smacked me around and made me her bitch.    I did manage to get around to whupping Dragon Age II, and I have to say - I was disappointed in the ending and some of the repeating dungeons got irritating.  Otherwise?  Fantastic game.

Anyhoo, I'm expecting to get off work super early tomorrow if it's anything like today, so hopefully I'll get something useful done.  Amazing to check the comments and see so many waiting there, not to mention the obscene number of page-hits I've got here.  I'll try not to let you all down.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick Weekend Stream

Kinda tired and sipping a whiskey and coke, working on Giacomo and maybe some bad ends.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Streaming - Vine-Cock Goodness, Bugfixing, and Giacomo

Working on the things in the title...feel free to watch.  I'll dump out another build when I finish.

-Giacomo party added in.  He will sometimes appear when doing the default 'explore' option.  He currently only carries his repertoire of potions.
-Giacomo's Cerulean potion may still have some kinks...and only has one text.
-The corrupted glade now allows you to perform oral on one of the vines if you are sufficiently corrupted, with small changes possible, or a large change for those with male bits :D
-Some bugs fixed.  I was unable to repeat the minotaur blood bug some were getting.

New build up on the right. (EDIT: Updated to 0.1.7c - resolved many Giacomo bugs)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sorry Folks!

....for getting kinda tipsy while I was coding and streaming like an hour of looking at porn.  And also for breaking load game!

...My bad 0:3

Anyways 0.1.6b is up and loading should now work properly, I'll dig through the rest of the typos and shit in time.   I even just tweaked and re-uploaded so it will work with older saves!  Wootles.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bugfixing/Leveling System/Hawt-ass Pic

EDIT: Stream over.  0.1.6 posted!  Check links in the right sidebar!

Fun pic of the day:

Bugs Squished for 0.1.6:
-Minotaur gender change that would result in you seeing many "VAGINA ERROR"s as well as some events locking is fixed.
-Minotaur blood ball growth effect now actually happens.
-Minotaur blood cow tail should no longer keep happening after you get one.
-Fixed a "fur under your fur" typo in the description.
-Fixed a few small other typos.
-Tweaked tentacle encounter rate significantly. (also added in some relatively rare filler events)
-Jojo bug that would result in him starting with less than his proper amount of HP once corrupted.
-Minotaurs sometimes (33% of the time) have an axe that gives them +25 str.  This will now properly display in their appearance.
-Some others I probably forgot.  I had a big long list in the comments of the last post but blogger decided it didn't like it and ate it.
-Added basic leveling system
-Did some work with key items to make ready for Giacomo's triumphant return.
-Started work on adding a  new item (imp food).  It's very basic.
-Started work on some new plant encounters.  Enjoy the flowers in the woods folks.  Tentacle bits to come :D

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

1.5 Release

Minotaur Blood is finished (but untested).  It should now remove female bits and malify you.   Expect bigger balls, big loads, and one giant horsecock when using it.

I laid some groundwork for the leveling system but I'm a long ways from done with it.  Expect it in 1.6 though.

How's about some Oviposition Elixer?

Also FA Hotness:
I saw this image on Shibara's furaffinity today and I was all "why the fuck didn't I think of that?"  So once I get done with the minotaur I'm making that a thing! :D

Work Tracker for 0.1.5:
-Fixed a bug with Jojo rape #4 that would cause it to get stuck for males.  Once 0.1.5 please let me know if it continues to happen.
-Fixed a but that would cause the sand-witch to not properly exit combat.  This should be fixed for the next build.
-Reduced doggie day-dream chances
-Added healing effect to canine peppers if no other changes occurred.
-Tweaked tentacles not to display struggle texts at the beginning of the encounter when you are willingly submitting to them.
-Added +str/-speed and +tou/-sens effects to the minotaur blood.  Minotaur blood is the only item that will take str/toughness to 100 thus far.  Added breast shrinkage effect to minotaur blood.  Working on vaginal shrinkage/removal for minotaur blood now (those of you stuck as herms, rejoice!)
-Fixed an equinum bug that caused it to keep making the biggest cock bigger in multi-cock situations.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dreams & Tentacles

I'm putting in some daydream code for when you have a high libido or corruption.  I intend for this to be a good place to slot in any short but hot sex/transformation scenarios that people want to guest-write in without having to worry too much about continuity and coding actual changes from it.  I want to have a release later tonight, though I doubt I'll have my dream code be active unless I get it finished.  This will mostly be just a small release for all the bugs I've fixed lately.

A new build will up in the side-bar momentarily.  It brings back the tentacle encounter of ye olden days in UTG.  It will not be fightable, though it does not preclude having a smaller fightable variant someday.  Those lusty day-dreams when you rest aren't done yet so they are disabled.  Enjoy.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Nuttin' New

Last night = Dragon Age 2 (which blows away the original.  Way to go Bioware, just take all my monies.)
Tonight = Waiting in line for 3 hours at IPad II launch because Best Buy are assholes.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Planning to Stream Tonight

The title says it all. I think I'll be working on cleaning up more bugs around 9P Central Time.   This post will be edited when I start it, so don't feel the need to sit in my livestream channel all stalker like.

-Fixed some bugs
-Canine peppers should grow lower rows that are more than a cup size below your biggest row.
-The minotaur herm variation exists now, so no more blank text 1/3 of the time for herms.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Takin' the Night Off

Sorry if I don't get all of today's bugs dealt with, Fenoxo's taking some personal time to game tonight.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Evening Bug Fixes

Evening mates!  I got us a heaping help of bugfixes on the barbie.  New 0.1.2 should be up in moments.

-Shitton of bug-fixes.

<3<3 Fenfen

Afternoon Bugfixes

I'm uploading 0.1.1 now.  Changelog:
-Fixed bugs where the words for horsecock's would be cut out of multicock descriptions.  "throbbing s" just doesn't sound right.
-I think I've got the double-drop bug fixed.
-The forest is no longer time-stopped, exploring there will increment an hour.
-No more lactation crashing masturbation and preventing lust removal.
-Nothing new for events or anything.
-I still have a couple pages of typos to catch up on, but I don't have time till tonight.

(link also in sidebar)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

WIP Build 4 Released

See the sidebar.  I have tentatively titled it 0.1 for its version number.  I fixed a lot more typos and some bugs.  I think the last fix I did may cause some double-item dropping, so if anyone sees that let me know here in the comments or elsewhere.  You know how it goes.

-Canine Pepper fixes/tweaks
--I am aware if your pregnant you can still go into heat.  I will fix this for the next release (yup fixed after I uploaded lolz).
--Fixed an issue where you could get "ERROR-CUP" sized breasts in your third row.  There are still some changes I want to make to how canine-peppers deal with multibreasts in the future, I'm not totally happy with it.
-All combat bugs that caused you to get stuck in combat should now be resolved.
-Heat now expires without getting pregnant (if you keep taking more heat-inducing items you can prolong it).
-Tons more grammar/typo fixes from SoS.

I'm probably missing a few things but that should cover it for now.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quit F5'ing!

No release tonight.  I killed a bunch of grammar bugs in a short livestream and got v3 of the WIP build out to my team.

Big changes:
-Canine Peppers actually drop now, though this is temporary till the farm comes back.
-A few changes to minotaur blood got done, but it won't drop in the WIP release.
-It no longer calls Jojo a corpse when you defeat him with physical attacks.
-Is anyone still getting stuck in combat?  If so I need to know for the sake of my sanity. (I hope not)

-Leveling system is not in yet.  So...patience!
- <3

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bugfixing the Test Version

Disclaimer:  the WIP test build is not publicly available.  Asking for it will not accomplish anything.  Just be patient.

*Ahem* Now I've basically gone though pages and pages of bug reports to where they are all starting to blend together.  I think I may have made my test team a little bigger than I can keep up with :D

I managed to give a quick once over to everything in my gmail and FA notes box, and some of my Futanari Palace PM's.  Most of the fixes got in the new build I just sent out.

-Combat looping should now be fixed for minotaurs.
-A lot of typos, grammar errors, and 'equine' sometimes not having the 'e' at the end.
-A bug was preventing players from taking new items when their inventory was full (fixed).
-Masturbation bug that was causing masturbation not to work.
-Titfucking bug that would cause the game to think players were capable of titfucking even with tiny manboobs.
-Anal virginities should now be taken by minotaurs and imps.
-Many, many, more.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I did a stealth stream!

And send out a testing build to the test team.  Here is where my horrible to-do list stands now:

For 1st Release To-Do List:
-Minotaur rape for herms
-Minotaur Blood item effects.
-Retool how horns/ears are handled.
-'Fertility Bee' encounter (renamed 'Queen Bee'), complete with combat and rape-ability.
--Monstrous Honey transformation item dropped by the bees.
-Forest Tentacle Monsters.
-Bring back Whitney (in limited fashion for now).
-Night-time ambushes from imps/tentacles.
-Meeting with friendly traveler (and his 'pet' succubus)..
-Imp food item (fairly simple item anti-female bits item)

1st Expansion Pack To-Do List:
-Giacomo and associated items
-Minotaur spunk item (+Lust/Libido drug maybe with a fun hallucination or two).
--Minotaur Spunk addiction indications, addiction effects, and bad-end.
-Canine Peppers/Equinum overdose bad-ends.
-Expand Whitney's Farm
-Swamp Location
--Naga Encounter
---Naga Brew item
-Wasp encounter
--Wasp Venom item (Similar to honey, but with enough differences to be fun).
-Spider-lady encounter
--Spider Venom item (xform item, gives you spider-butt (with web attack), and other things.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Streaaaaam OVER (including updated to-do list)

IT'S OVER! Updated my todo list.

To-Do for WIP Build Release:-Minotaur rape female/herm variants.
-Update appearance so it properly displays the status of your pregnancy.
-Port in the 'jojo as a masturbation aid' texts I have so players who have corrupted Jojo have a new way to masturbation :D
-Actually do sand-witch rape variations. (FINISH THIS FIRST)

For 1st Release To-Do List:
-Minotaur Blood item effects.
-Retool how horns/ears are handled.-'Fertility Bee' encounter (renamed 'Queen Bee'), complete with combat and rape-ability.
--Monstrous Honey transformation item dropped by the bees.
-Forest Tentacle Monsters.
-Bring back Whitney (in limited fashion for now).
-Night-time ambushes from imps/tentacles.
-Meeting with friendly traveler (and his 'pet' succubus)..
-Imp food item (fairly simple item anti-female bits item)

1st Update To-Do List:
-Giacomo and associated items
-Minotaur spunk item (+Lust/Libido drug maybe with a fun hallucination or two).
--Minotaur Spunk addiction indications, addiction effects, and bad-end.
-Canine Peppers/Equinum overdose bad-ends.
-Expand Whitney's Farm
-Swamp Location
--Naga Encounter
---Naga Brew item
-Wasp encounter
--Wasp Venom item (Similar to honey, but with enough differences to be fun).
-Spider-lady encounter
--Spider Venom item (xform item, gives you spider-butt (with web attack), and other things.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Should I Release a New WIP?

A coworker talked me into buying RIFT today, which means I'll actually be doing something with my free time other than spending it with my family or working on this game sometimes.  Which means I'll have less time to work on the game, which means delaying it further.

I still intend to stream some coding and be up shoving some texts in tomorrow night (via stream maybe), but I'm wondering if I should go ahead and put up some disclaimers and start a bug-text pass on what I have so I can update the WIP build, or keep working (when I'm not gaming) and get a release here after a few more events get done (see my last to-do list a few posts down).

There is a poll on the right for your input!
Democracy has spoken.  I'll get a WIP build compiled when I end my stream tomorrow night, then send it off to everyone on my bug-test list.  I'll let that stew a few days then bug/typo fix and put up a new WIP build for you guys hopefully within the week.