Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fenoxo's FurAffinity Picks of the Day

Since I'm working on the female to minotaur rape atm, I don't have much else to post, but here are some of the things I favorited off Fur Affinity today if you guys want to look at pronz.  Most of them are pretty furry, and you'll need a Fur Affinity account with the adult filter switched off to see them. - Straight - Herm + Light Lactation - Tentacles + Female - Gay but I love the big balls :D

Anyhoo hopefully I'll have the female case done tonight.

Update: Got the female rape scenario coded in.  Now to get the herm one...also I realize I don't have any rape texts for beating the sand-witch.  If anyone wants to write variants for those situations feel free to send them off to  I'll probably code them in this weekend when I go nuts porting in pre-written stuff like the Jojo masturbation texts and bad ends.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Mino Texts Done

Well I just now finished writing up the male "rape the minotaur" event.   I wrote it in blogger (to abuse spellcheck), and out of curiosity hit preview.  I then realized that the rape text (with all the possible variations) ends up being way longer on my screen than the minotaur codex entry.  Huzzah!   For those who like cum-inflation...there is a bit of that if you manage to have big enough/productive enough balls/jizzing ability.  I don't think anyone will see that scene until I get some items in that cause uncapped ball growth though.

Next I want to do a female version, which will possibly feature cum-inflation depending on the minotaur's ball-size state.  Don't think I'll get it done tonight though as I am going to try to have a social life and get drunk, then go to work without enough sleep.  Tomorrow will be an interesting day ;)

I also want to do a crazy herm version where the herm bends the minotaur's dick back and into her vagoo, then rapes his butt at the same time.  But I need motivation and time so we will see when they get done.  I'll probably have herms randomly select 1 of the 3 rape methods so they get a nice variety of outcomes to watch.

Here is my immediate to-do list for the coming days:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Streamin again [ITS OVER]

Got a good bit of minotaurs done and started on the minotaur transformation item.

I still need to write the rape text and the texts for mino transformations, that'll be my job tomorrow :D

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Streamin a lil bit of coding.

I know I mentioned streaming so here goes.  I'll work on the sand-witch a bit but not promising much, and no mic tonight - I'm tired.

Done streaming.  Got the sand-witch done and tested to make sure her bad-end was working right.  I also ported the minotaur event and laid the groundwork for expanding it to include combat.


Codex: Minotaurs

Height: 7-10 feet.
Body-Type: Heavily muscled with a thick coat of shaggy fur.
Skin-Tone: Brown, black, or white with brown spots.
Fur/Hair Color: Matches skintone.  Very rarely straw colored.
Eye Color: Brown or black.
Notable Features: Primarily bovine facial structure with barely noticeable human attributes (mainly eye shape/placement).  They tend to have large forward-pointing horns, floppy bull ears, a tufted tail, and hooves where most races have feet.
Typical Dress: Minotaurs favor loose fitting skins and loincloths.  They tend to avoid anything resembling pants as it can dangerously constrict them when they become aroused.  Minotaurs rarely carry any supplies with them, preferring to scavenge or plunder anything they need.
Weaponry:  Fists, horns, and when they can find them, axes.

Monday, February 21, 2011

What do?

Last night:
-I started bug-testing fixing some of the things I added.
-And I wrote a few more status messages for the imp pregnancy because they felt too sparse.

-Fixed a lot of inventory related bugs/oddities.
-Fixed combat so that entering/leaving inventory or other submenus does not re-trigger any per-round status messages/affects.
-Fixed some pregnancy typos
-Fixed lots of Jojo formatting/text display bugs.

In a nutshell: I was hoping to be done with Jojo tonight but instead I got caught up doing lots of other little formatting bugs.  My weekend starts tomorrow night so maybe I can get a livestream rolling.

Also I crossed 100,000 hits.  What the fuck is that shit....

Friday, February 18, 2011

How far away is CoC's release?

Still fairly far. Right now I'm bug testing the shit out of imp pregnancy, Jojo, and some of the back ends of my system. Here's what I did over the past few days/week and during live stream (including some work today):

-Ported most of the sand-witch event.
-Ported all of the Jojo events.
-Finished masturbation code
-Finally got rest/sleep/wait working as intended.
-Crushed numerous imp pregnancy related bugs (I still havent tested a full pregnancy to term though). 
-Made it so the 'heat' status properly fades when pregnant. 
-Fixed some time system bugs.

Immediate To-do List:
-Finish getting the sand-witch set up.
-Make succubi milk cock-shrink affect girth.

Things that still need done before WIP re-release:
-Expand on minotaur event so he can be fought and things can be stuck into the minotaur's pooper.
--Add 'minotaur blood' item.
-Port/Replace 'queen bee' event with 'queen bee's handmaiden' event. I'll add the option to resist her pheromones if your libido/corruption are low enough, and to rape her if your corruption is high enough. There will probably be combat if you try to resist or rape her. 
--Add 'monstrous honey' item. Do the math :D

Things I want to do before full release (lol full-release massage)
-Bring back Whitney's farm, make it multi-stage and open up her barn on the 'places' tab (lake).
-Encounter a Traveler and his companion (a friendly succubus) (desert).
-Forest Tentacle Plant (yeah still don't think I'll let you fight it!)
-Add surprise imp gangbang when you sleep.
-Add tentacle surprise when you sleep.
-The list goes on and on.

Where the game will be after the to-do lists are done:

-walking to increase stats, rarely finding an item.

-Breeder Bee



Still pretty sparse, but that's probably what will be in the CoC WIP build that I send out for testing. Ok, back to testing pregnancy :D

I been busy!

So as previously noted masturbation got done.  Jojo is in the game (though relatively untested and there are a few issues that need smoothing over with him.  The sand-witch is part way in - you can get her spells cast on you and get in combat but the special events for losing to her aren't in place yet.   It doesn't sound like much but it was a goodly amount of work getting those where they are now.   There won't be any more live streams for a while, so don't be feverishly smacking f5 looking for one - ill be hitting the sack early due to work for the next couple days.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Streamin v2

I think tonight I'm going to be just dickering around with a few code things in the engine, getting pregnancy working, and trying to debug my save code some.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Streaming a bit while I work on getting multicock titfucking working.  Terrible sonic music is the only audio you get to listen to if you come!

EDIT:  It's over!  Masturbation appears to be back in and as functional as it used to be.  Live-streaming is great for porting old code, it keeps me from getting bored.  Whew was that ever a bitch.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Question and Update

Has anyone tried to use the new donation method?  I haven't seen ANYTHING from switching to paypal and I'm starting to wonder if I have something configured wrong that would prevent the money from making it through to me.

Update: Multicock masturbation got done last night, though the titfucking components still need to be ported.  I have gotten lots of bad end submissions for canine peppers and a few for equinum, and I think I'll go ahead and close off the former for now.  If you have a bad end for Equinum I'll continue to accept those until tomorrow night.   One more day of work till a weekend, thank god!  I'll probably do a livestream while I work on porting the old and terrible masturbation code over, so keep your eyes peeled Tues/Wed night for a link.

<3 Fenfen

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just a quickie tonight folks!

I got some more done, I reworked the single-cock masturbation to make a bit more sense and not repeat 30x over.  Ended up cutting about 70% of the code for it, while retaining identical output.    I got a goodly portion of multiCock ported in as well, though it as far from done. I need sleep, nite guys!

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Still Working!

Tonight I had a pretty nasty headache when I got off work, so I didn't get much done.  I did doodle with my bamboo tablet some, and remember what a terrible artist I am.  The result is on my furaffinity account, but it's bad enough you won't see it here.

Coding:  I worked on masturbation some more, getting through the 'middle' part of masturbation for the three main cock varieties.  I had to add a bunch of support functions to streamline things, but they'll all come in handy.

player.totalNipples() - returns the total number of nipples a player has.  Since each row of breasts can have variations in nipple count this was necessary.
player.canTitFuck() - this should be obvious.

etc etc.

Looking back, I'm not sure I'm totally happy with how the cock masturbation bit is handled right now but I'm tired to fix it.  Updates may be a bit slow compared to last week - I had a extra time off last week and now I'm working seven days back to back.  Weekends are no longer weekends for me.

As always, <3<3, and I'll try to get this wrapped up quicker so I can get closer to my feature goal for the alpha test release.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paypal Answers and My Plans

Paypal responded to me with a fairly automated message that contained perhaps a sentence or two of actual human effort within it.  However I did learn a few things:

  1. Fuck Paypal, I'm done with them.
  2. I'll get the money in the account in around 180 days.  Why they would need to hold it that long I will never understand.
  3. A nice person on FA gave me some useful directions to point me towards other similar services. 
  4. I am going to begin routing traffic through in protect everyone's browser trail as they pass through my site.
For right now I'm going to work on getting a donation option set back up in some form or another, then I'll get some links to other awesome games posted up, then maybe a codex entry for tonight.   I set up an ink-bunny account and set it up to accept donations through AlertPay.  Hopefully now everything is gravy.  I am going to ask that anyone feeling particularly generous hang back until I've had a smaller donation go in that I can verify.

On to some totally games that are so brasome they deserve a G-cup:

  1. Nimin Flash Fantasy - This game just got updated the other day by Xadera.  It has a LOT of similar themes to UTG/CoC and I recommend anyone who enjoys my game gives it a go. 
  2. Flexible Survival - The premise is basically there is some weird infection, and you made it into a bunker in time to survive with your humanity intact.  Then you go out and fight mutants (and get mutated).  Unfortunately it is still in the very early stages.
  3. Flexible Infection - This is what #2 seems to have spawned from.  It can be pretty hot, but I often find myself disliking how quickly things can get out of hand.
Happy Fappings!
   <3 Fenfen

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pay to Pal :(

So Paypal decided because of the adult nature of my game to suspend my account.   I'm currently drafting an email for some clarifications on their policies, but I have heard plenty of horror stories related to paypal's customer support and I'm not holding out much hope.  *Sigh*

I'm not sure if they are going to refund all donations and harvest any difference from my bank account or not, but it's a bit irritating and scary, and I regret opening an account with them.

EDIT: Ok I reread the notice a few times and I'm pretty sure they aren't going to do anything that asinine.  Still, I'm up for suggestions of alternate donation takers.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Short Fireside Chat...

I just wanted to take a minute to update you guys as to where things stand with me and CoC.

All four items are 'done' and functional.  There is probably a lot of testing and tweaking that needs to be done, as currently shrinking your cock does not affect thickness (and it should).    Canine peppers feel fairly devoid of content at the moment.  Yes, they grow breast rows and give you a dog pecker, but I feel like they need more.  I'm currently working on some 'daydream' texts for them, similar to Equinum.  I'd also like to add an 'overdose' bad end to both of them, where after a certain point there is a gradually increasing chance of you going 'feral', and fully transforming into the animal in question.  Note to self: boost chances of knot thickness increasing (yes that is something I track separately now).

Tonight I think I will start work on a personal favorite, the Sand-Witch.  Maybe I can add some kind of simple item for her that will increase lactation since i removed lactation from canine peppers. Speaking of lactation - I think I am going to borrow a cue from Nimin - Flash Fantasy, and have lactation decrease over time if it is not indulged somehow from time to time.

We are getting a LOT closer to me being able to send out a buggy test-version to my testers and donors, which is fantabulous.  If anyone wants to take a crack at writing one of the bad-ends I mentioned while discussing the bestial items, by my guest, but please privately send it via note/PM or furaffinity/FutanariPalace, or directly to my email.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Working on Succubi Milk Tonight

I'll be working on Succubi Milk tonight in case anyone was wondering.   Woop woop!

Also a fan on furaffinity decided to attempt porting the game to an HTML format.  You can see what rzr444 has accomplished for yourself here.

EDIT: Slow going on Succubi Milk, but the breast growth function I've got cooking should be pretty versatile.   Also built the big tits perk to increase the rate of growth and prevent growth from slowing at large sizes.

EDIT2: Calling it done...for now.  Heres a character after chugging a bunch:

You are a 5 foot 11 inch tall human, with small muscles that look lean and quick.  You have a fairly normal face, with blue skin.  Your short blonde hair looks good on you, accentuating your features well.  A small pair of pointed horns has broken through the skin on your forehead, proclaiming some demonic taint to any who see them.  You have slender hips, and your compact ass is lean and muscular.  A narrow tail ending in a spaded tip curls down from your tight butt, wrapping around your leg sensually at every opportunity.  Two normal human legs grow down from your waist, ending in normal human feet.  How normal.
You have two tits, each supporting one over-stimulated nipple.  You could easily fill a massive custom-made bra.
You have a virgin cunt, with a 1.1 inch clit.  Thin streams of milky lubricant occasionally dribble from your virgin pussy. 
You have one virgin ass, placed between your compact butt-cheeks where it belongs.You have 7 shining gems, collected in your travels.

You'll note skin tone was changed and clitLength now grows up to 3 inches in length from the potion.  Unless you have the big clit perk, in which case it goes up to 5.  Breasts no longer have a cap, though they'll grow slow at huge sizes unless you have the big breasts perk.   To go back to skin tone for a moment, there are 4 different skin tones you can get from this potion: blue, purple, indigo, and one rare color.

Tomorrow: Canine Peppers, and maybe nerfing the cock shrinking (it shrinks fast).

Friday, February 4, 2011


This is what happens after too many Succubi Milks and Equinums...  I comissioned it from White-Devil, a fantastic artist.   Now back to drinking & bug-hunting Incubi Drafts.  There is another commish on the way I'll edit into this post in an hour or so!
And here's what happens after drinking some "Pure Honey" and popping a few Canine Peppers....(same artist)

Ram + Incubi Draft (done-ish)

I got my new RAM today, so the ol' PC is really chugging along now.  

To be more on topic, I just spent some time porting the last of the old Incubi Draft into the new engine.  I think my multiCock description function needs some tweaking lol:

"Your brace of horse length musky mixed cocks feel incredibly tight as inch after inch or length pour out from your groin.  Your pair of horse length flared mixed cocks are so long they nearly reach your knee when at full length."   (1 horsecock & 1 normal cock) LAWL.  I need to tweak down the adjectives a bit much.  I've decided to nerf Equinum a bit, it won't grow hooves or transform you to a centaur anymore.  You'll have to get the minotaur item to get hooves, and only then will equinum turn you to a centaur.  This is an improvement for two reasons:

  1. Farming the same item is boring as shit.
  2. I like to make you guys (gals? Do gals play this?) work.

You stay classy,  Internet. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Saving 100% Done, Item Drop System in Place

It is as the title says.  I'm going to spend a little time working on Incubi Drafts after this, but I can't work on them TOO long as I need to fap and crash soon.  I apologize for last night, but apparently I was sorely in need of sleep, and was unconscious immediately after supper for about thirteen hours.  I hate not coming through on something and not even being able to own up to it (no matter the reason).

I am setting a hard target for Incubi Draft to be done tomorrow night, so it may not be as 're-tooled' as Equinum was.  Game Plan?  Get the old items done by this weekend, and all the old monsters in and rape-able next week, then post a build out to donors and my test team, then put a WIP build here and on the FP thread, then bugfix some more then put out a release of CoC 0.1

Late Nite Edit:  Got the first segment of Incubi Draft Done:
-50% chance of cock growth/gain a cock if you are female.  25% chance within that 50% of shrinking your breasts (across all rows).
-The rest is actually pretty light code-wise - just some chances for massive growth/thickening and gaining a 'uge pecker.

Codex: Magic

Magic comes in two varieties, "white" and "black".  Despite what they are called, the names of the magic types do not necessarily associate with any kind of "moral alignment".  Black magic could be used for good just as easily as white magic could be used for evil.  However, most demons prefer black magic, and those who fight them tend to prefer white magic.  The primary difference between them is where the magic's power is drawn from.  Black Magic is drawn from the emotions and feelings of the body, while White Magic comes from the thoughts of the mind.

Black Magic:
The power of Black Magic is drawn from emotion and feeling, and thus is most easily able to affect the bodies of others.  Demons and monsters often use black magic in order to aid in the rape and corruption of innocents, as arousing a target is one of the first things a disciple of Black Magic learns.  Black magic can also change the size and functions of bodily parts in strange ways, but it is incredibly difficult to use on oneself, as it interrupts the flow of power from the body.   Most users of Dark Magic only learn to draw their power through their lust, rendering it impossible to use when turned off.

White Magic:
The power of White Magic is drawn from the mind, but is more often called the power of the soul.  White Magic is considered "stronger" than Black Magic because it can be used to create energy from nothing or heal the body.   Users of White Magic can blind their opponent with dazzling lights, burn them with pure white flames, or even magnetically charge weapons and armor to repel each other, making them more resistant to attacks.   White Magic requires significant mental discipline and awareness, and becomes impossible to cast if the user is greatly distressed or aroused.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daisy_Strike is my savior!

Daisy_Strike sent me some AWESOME help that I used to get the save system running.  It's not 100% yet, the interface has some gaps and a few variables still need added to it, but it's nice to have the core player features all loading correctly.  See what happens when I get to go home early due to blizzard?

Plans for tonight (In no particular order):
-Save System(75%)
-Incubi Draft
-Loot Drop System
-A Codex Entry or Two Up Here.

I've been consistently amazed by the donations you guys have given me.  If the current rate of donations were maintained, I could quit my job and do this full-time.  Sadly I know this game isn't THAT popular, so I won't be developing smut full-time, but I do want to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart.