Monday, January 31, 2011

Save Files Are Kicking My Ass

So I thought to myself, "Hey, I'm getting tired of slogging through the new game menus every time I want to test something, lets get the saving/loading functionality into the game."  And apparently the tiny bit I know about OOP in actionscript isn't working with the tiny bit I know about save files.  Blech.

Does anyone know the commands to save/load an array without having to break it into little pieces and mess with it one by one?

EDIT:  Hotkeys are in and done.  Fuck the save system for now.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Imp Done. (Also put up a donate button!)

He's fully implemented.  He has all his attacks, can rape and impregnate the player, and can be raped by the player if he loses from over-lust and the player has high enough corruption and lust.  There is also a 'tease' attack that raises enemy lust slightly.  The pregnancy system isn't fully implemented yet, so you don't get little reminders about how big your belly is or give birth. There is also a display that will appear once your enemy is somewhat aroused to give you an indication of how turned on they are.  Should I display a % as well like I do HP?

I also threw up a donation button, by request.  And of course noone has used it yet.  If you do use it please post so in the comments so I can verify it's working.  And by all means don't feel obligated to, I'll live either way.

EDIT: I has monies.  So it does work.  And now I need to go to bed :D

Codex: Imps

Height: 2 to 4 feet tall.
Build: Spindly
Skin Tone: Red, orange, or rarely, purple.
Hair Color: Rusty, red, black, and rarely brown.
Eye Color:  Totally black with glowing red pupils.
Typical Dress: Naked save for a ragged loincloth and a collection of small belts and pouches for storage.  They seem to have a fondness for wooden sandals as well.
Weaponry: Clawed hands and feet.
Notable Features: Four inch horns on their foreheads, small spaded tails, and tiny dragon-like wings. They are not particularly intelligent, always seeming to be about as smart as a human teenager.
Sexual Characteristics: A large human-like penis that seems to dwarf the rest of the imp, along with two human sized testes.  They do have an asshole comparable to a humans, though it seems to exist more for sport and pleasure than for waste removal.

(Editors Note: I wrote some of these up at work last week, I'll drop them on here as I feel like it :D)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Well despite the fact that I'm rapidly degenerating into a mucus-bound husk of a human, I worked on getting combat ported into the new engine today.  So far only attacking for the player or the monster is in, and victory/loss isn't possible yet, but here's how it looks:

NOTE: This is not available for download yet, and neither is the completed Equinum.  I'm holding off till I get things a bit closer to UTG.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Equinum Is Done Like Dinner

Well, I finally added hooves and a centaur body transform to it, and cleaned up a lot more typos/bugs.  I can't guarantee it they'll be perfectly supported throughout the rest of the engine yet but they're in appearance at the very least.   The unique choice at character creation is now in as a perk that boosts any changes to that attribute.  Strength gains will be 25% greater for instance if you select strength.

Fenoxo awayyyy

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where's MAH UPDATES!?!!!

...nowhere because they don't exist.  My computer damn near crashed just from backing up to a USB drive, so I burned that shit to the ground, tied my drives into a RAID1, and have been trying to get everything up and running.  Apparently 60ish windows updates takes FOREVER to go through.  It's all gravy now though, and as soon as my raid1 finishes self-checking to make sure everything is good I'll start dumping Adobe Flash onto it and get to work.  YAY!

If I make any progress tonight, you guys will be the first to know.

EDIT: Finished up most of Equinum.  It now can gives horseface, tail, and fur.  Hopefully this weekend I get lots done!   (The debug link has been updated to an up to date build, complete with debug (IE: Cheat) mode enabled. You'll be able to use Equinum without actually consuming the item.

<3 Fen

Monday, January 24, 2011

Just a quickie, I promise!

I'm tired as fuck so I'll make my accomplishments brief:
-cleaned up pages of typos/grammar errors.
-cleaned up a number of bugs
-finished all the female specific portions of equinum.  Sorry ladies/herms, this one shrinks your bewbs now too (but it stops at B-cup!).
-added in systems to support perks & player statuses.  For instance the new "heat" status that females can go into.  It tracks how much libido it gives you from heat, and I'll be able to remove a portion of it when you get knocked up.  It also tracks a bonus fertility number :D



Well I fail at meeting goals.  I got about half of equinum done.  It should cover male growth for single/multicock and some ball growth.   For females it increases vaginal looseness(size) and wetness (only slightly).  Not in yet in for girls are breast reduction (to a minimum of B cups), and a chance to go into heat.  Also not yet in is the tailgrowth, fur growth, and face change.  Those last three are dirt easy though.

Also, check the right sidebar for a link to download and play with the latest build.  Explore the lake to find equinum sometimes (once I get some combat encounters in lake item chances are going to tank).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mouse Over Box!

My newest improvement is a pop up window that will pop up over items in your inventory (and maybe during character creation or a few other places).  

I'm probably coding it in a terribly inefficient way...meh.
Tonight I'm going to try to recode Equinum to work with the new variables and depending on how it goes maybe get some of the other old items put back in.

I've got a fanfic!

Crystalwinters of Furaffinity was inspired to write a little fanfic:

I crouched to wipe the imp's blood off the head of my axe on a patch of grass before dropping it back into the loop on my belt. It was the fourth of the aggressive little bastards to attack me that day. I slung my shield on my back, adjusted the cloak around my shoulders and continued down the mountain path. The landscape was alien and forbidding. Bare, black peaks rose around me and a large red sun hung low in the sky, lending an eerie tone to my surroundings. I wasn't sure how long it had been since I stepped through the portal and in to this strange place. I hadn't yet felt the need to sleep and it was still light, but whether I'd been here minutes or hours, I couldn't say.

The last imp had managed to claw through the bag containing my provisions, scattering them across the floor. By the end of the battle, very little had been left intact. The previous champions had returned within a few days of entering the portal, when they had returned at all, however I had a feeling that time flowed somewhat differently on this side. I certainly didn't have more than a day or so's food left, especially if I was going to be fighting demons with this frequency.

I'd escaped each fight with little more than scratches, but battle was beginning to take its toll in an unusual fashion. The imps had been fond of casting spells on me, which appeared to do little at first. It wasn't until I was fighting the second that I realised the spell was inducing sexual arousal. According to the village elder, returning champions had spoken of great temptation being one of the challenges they'd overcome and I presumed that this was what they'd been referring to. Determined to prove myself the equal of the task I'd been set, I ignored the erection that was straining hard against my leather trousers and attempted to keep thoughts of Elina, my betrothed, from becoming too intimate in nature.

After what seemed like a few hours, the mountains descended and softened into rolling hills. Despite the jagged rock being behind me, the terrain was no less strange. The grass had a bluish tinge and the red orb in the sky, finally appearing to dip towards the horizon, was a constant reminder that I was far from home. I spied the shimmer of water in the distance and, lacking any other landmark to orient myself, headed in that direction. My weary body was calling for rest and the thought of cool water to drink and bathe in was appealing.

As I neared the lake, for that is where the water-shimmer came from, I saw a small cluster of buildings surrounded by several neatly tended fields; a farm of some sort. This was not something I had expected. Although champions were forbidden from disclosing details of the world beyond the demon portal, stories always circulated in the village; tales of weird, predatory plants, gigantic bull-men and other horrors. There was no talk of farms and the more peaceful inhabitants such a carefully maintained homestead suggested.

Making my way through the fields, I was startled by an unusual figure suddenly appearing from behind a pepper plant. She was a woman of average height, but she had a most unusual appearance. Her features resembled those of some kind of dog and she was covered with lustrous brown fur from head to toe. My immediate reaction was to reach for my axe, although I was quickly put at ease as she smiled broadly and waved me over. She introduced herself as Whitney and proved to be both friendly and helpful. Having met some of my predecessors, she wasn't surprised by my presence, quite the opposite, in fact. I asked about the lake and she informed me that the water was clean and quite safe. Her own farm was somehow protected from the demons and they dared not approach. Before I left for the lake, she prepared a bundle of fresh fruit and vegetables for me, including one of the those ripe, juicy looking peppers. She bade me good luck on my quest and I headed towards the water.

Reaching the shore, I looked around for a quiet, secluded spot. Finding a shallow cave in a rocky outcropping I set up camp. It was little more than a deep depression in the rock, but it was sufficient shelter on a warm night. After gathering wood and preparing a fire, I stripped and waded into the surprisingly clear water. I swam for a few minutes, cleaning the day's dust and sweat off my body. My cock was still hard, despite the cool water, but my resolve was strong and I ignored it. Steeling myself against pangs of hunger, I washed my clothes and lay them in front of the fire. It was now getting dark, so I lit the fire and sat down to enjoy the food that Whitney had so kindly given me.

I wolfed my meal down, deciding to save the pepper for last. I tried savouring the spicy-sweet flavour, but my hunger got the better of me and I didn't last long. As soon as I had finished the fruit, a strange tingling began to spread across my body. Looking down, a little panicked, I saw my muscles noticeably swell, my abs becoming harder and more defined. I was frightened by the sudden change, presumably caused by the pepper, but pleased with the result. I resolved to get some sleep and return to Whitney in the morning to inquire about the pepper's strange property.

It was not long after dawn when I woke after a fitful night's sleep; my uncomfortable erection and the general hostility of the demon world conspiring to keep me awake. As I broke camp, I noticed something glinting in the grass nearby. Going closer to investigate, I noticed a small vial of viscous white liquid, which I tucked away in a pouch for later inspection. Wondering idly who had left it there, being quite sure the vial hadn't been there before I went to sleep, I hiked back towards the farm.

Whitney laughed when she saw me and commented on my refined physique. She explained that certain substances found in the region had transformative effects and could lend great speed, strength and quickness of mind to those who consumed them. She warned me that over-indulging could lead to side-effects, but I was already considering the possibilities. I was certain that I had discovered the secret to succeeding in my quest. Past champions had returned fitter and more capable than when they left; astonishingly so, for the short time they had been away. I resolved to experiment with whatever I could find in order to increase my abilities.

I remembered the vial in my pouch and quickly retrieved it. So intent was I on my goal, I didn't even stop to consider that drinking strange potions might be a bad idea. I threw the liquid back, barely noticing the salty taste and was immediately hit with a surge of pain from my genitals. I fumbled at my belt and tore open my trousers, watching aghast as my cock swelled and lengthened. I'm not ashamed to say that my endowment in that region had been nothing to write home about, especially as now it was close to ten inches long! Precum dribbled from the end and it took great force of will to resist reaching out and masturbating there and then. When the pain subsided, my mind felt somewhat sharper; the substance had definitely increased my mental capabilities. Looking down at the vial again, I noticed small letters engraved in the side that had somehow previously escaped my attention; I recall thinking them illegible scratches before. This time, the words "Incubus Draught" could clearly be made out. I decided that if the side-effect of increased intelligence was a larger penis, then it was a price I was willing to pay. I was sure that Elina wouldn't object either. I re-dressed myself, glad that I wasn't in the habit of wearing tight trousers, discarded the vial and set off again.

I walked for some time, orienting myself in the direction of a forest I spied in the distance. I was travelling along what had once been a paved road. The stones were now cracked and over grown, but it was still easier going than the soft earth. As I passed the ruins of some sort of tower, I heard the now familiar hiss of an imp. I span to face it, dragging my axe from its loop and meeting it head-on. I deflected the first swipe of its claws and shoulder-barged it, knocking it off balance. It was obviously caught off guard and I brought my axe down for what would surely have been a mortal strike. The creature raised its hands in futile defence and called out, asking me to spare its life. I held my blow in surprise and curiosity; this was the first time one of these diminutive demons had spoken to me. It babbled on about a great treasure it would give me in return for my mercy.

I looked down and realised that it was a truly pitiful creature. Nodding my agreement, I lowered the axe and the imp leapt to his feet and dashed back round the other side of the ruined tower, returning with a small jug which he thrust into my hand. It was marked "Succubus Milk" and I smiled; another magical substance to aid me on my quest! The imp looked on expectantly as I unstoppered the jug and greedily chugged the sweet milk.

My body's response was swift and extreme. The tingling that I now recognised as pre-empting a change swept across my whole body, but was concentrated on my chest, which swelled into two womanly breasts! They weren't large, a B-cup at most, but that didn't lessen my surprise. Glancing at my arms, I noticed a subtle change in the rest of my body. There appeared to be less hair, my skin was softer and my hands seemed more delicate. It wasn't a great difference, if the breasts were concealed, I doubt anyone would mistake me for a woman. I also felt somewhat quicker and lighter on my feet. Yet another beneficial elixir with strange side effects.

Oddly, I wasn't particularly bothered by the breasts or the overall feminising of my appearance. The need to improve myself was all-consuming and besides, none of the other champions had displayed extreme changes in appearance, so it was surely reversible. I looked back over at the imp and my hand shot out, fingers curling around its throat. Where, I asked the demon, could I get more?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I had a little bit of time this morning to finish retooling the state gauges/bars.  Because of how I was handling the text boxes and +/- placement, it was possible for the arrows to be wildly misplaced depending on how the window was resized.  That shouldnt happen anymore.  I also got the stat bars in place and working, as well increasing the size of the stat numbers and +/- arrows. 

Off to the gym :D

Friday, January 21, 2011

Commissions and Fanart!

A commission I ordered from the excellent Pzero.  
Fanart from the AWESOME Tarlanur.  His stuff is the perfect blend of hot and weird :3

Dmitrys did some fanart as well...this guy is probably the reason I'm all about animal-cocks in my game.  He also prototyped an appearance display, but I never got an answer to my email.  Even without it, the artwork is awesome and more than I ever expected to see when I started working on these.


So what's this?  A BLOOOOG.  I figured I may as well have some soapbox that didn't require people to register in order to view my content.  

Who am I?  I'm that guy that made "Unnamed Text Game" and am currently working on a reboot for it called "Corruption of Champions".  There are a number of improvements in the works for it:

-10 buttons instead of 4.
-Ability to expand inventory to five slots.
-Graphical stat bar representations
-Improved save screen display
-Some object oriented code actually used  (which will make coding grappling much more doable)
-Hopefully some actual plot mixed into all the sex.

For now you can see a work in progress build on my furaffinity's scraps.  As soon as I figure out hosting for them I'll get links up here.  It seems wasteful to use rapidshare for a 200kb file.