Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today's Status

  • Donations have been good to me, and I want to give back, so I'm going to commission a piece of artwork from Pzero.  I came up with a few scene ideas and posted a poll on the forums if you guys would like to chip in as to which you like most.
  • Wrote approximately 1000 words of Tentacle Jojo sex scene.  The scene is designed to work with either gender and accomodate a wide variety of character configurations, with unique lines for everything from multi-dicks, to large clits, to fuckable nipples.  Its about half done, and isn't as in-depth as masturbation, but combined with the new Jojo tentacle TF scene I wrote, I think it'll mix things up a bit for our favorite mouse-boy when its finished and coded.
  • Wrote two all-new codex entries and copied the old codex entries over. 
  • Fixed a critical bug in that would lock Fatigue @ 100 if it ever reached exactly 100.  If you have this bug, please re-download
  • Obviously set up new blog & forums @

Website News & Magic System Released

The blog is moving, to soon!  I also threw up a forum there @  For now this is the main place to get updates, but I will update CoC & this blog when the time for the big move hits.  The upside is I'll have a link to play the game directly in your browser if you don't wish to download, forums, and other fun stuff.

The Magic System is done (for now):

Black Magic:

  • Arouse - Arouses your opponent like the imp spell.  More effective on highly corrupt foes.
  • Heal - Heals your wounds, but has a chance of backfiring and boosting your lust.
  • Might - Makes you stronger/tougher for the duration of combat but has a chance of backfiring.
White Magic
  • Charge Weapon - Increases weapon damage for the duration of combat.
  • Blind - Blinds your foe for a few rounds, increasing miss chance.  Enemies might blink and resist it.
  • Whitefire - Deals direct damage regardless of enemy's defenses.
Miscellaneous Changes:
  • Spells use fatigue, fatigue is restored by resting or sleeping.
  • Some tweaks to sleep/rest to make them work better.
  • 2 new intelligence based perks that increase the potency of spells.
Download here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Next Update: MAGIC

I've been pestered about magic for a while, so I whipped up six spells (3 "white" magic, 3 "black" magic).  I got one coded this morning, and I think I can get most of the others done tonight.  I do still have to build the magic menu system and implement the items that will teach you spells.  That'll be the goal tonight, but we will see how it goes.

UPDATE:  I'm releasing a 'test' build.  It will no go on the main downloads page.

(0.3.8 - Magic Test)
(Play in Browser Link:
It includes six spells and the items to learn them (which drop from appropriate enemies).

Known Issues:
-Spells are not correctly disabled by out of bounds lust or fatigue values.
-I haven't bothered to set up fatigue recovery from resting/waiting.  I may do it so fatigue is a per-combat stat and resets after every fight.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Am Not a Crook! Or Working!

Why didn't anyone tell me I broke my donation button?  (It's fixed now).  Bills are now 100% on time.  Any remaining donations this month will go towards getting Skyrim (and/or helping me hit rent if I come up short on that).

I did two livestreams today, for a total of around 5 hours.  Got a bunch of new stuff dropped into the game related to expanding on Marble.  No there are no new sex scenes yet.  DA LOG:
  • Marble's camp entry is now more than just sex.
  • Marble will give you presents if she lives in your camp.
  • Marble will point you towards the dungeon if you haven't done it yet.
  • Added some back-end to track her anal virginity for future events.
  • Added a new item available from Marble's gifts (and droppable from a monster or two) that will make you a similar kind of cowgirl.  Note that this is different from the item I want to do that gives your four nipples(TEATS!) per breasts.
  • New armor available.
Get here!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Monster Girl Quest II

A trial of the second monster girl quest game went up, and has already been translated if anyone wants to give it a shot:

From what I hear release is still a few months away.

EDIT: I did a stream!  I wrote a scene where Jojo can be...changed.  Jojo + tentacles + ability to look like normal Jojo = me being able to write some new fun masturbate scenes for Jojo while still having the old ones in the rotation.

Also, the next donation at or above $100 (that plays TF2) will get an unusual buckaroo's hat with the orbiting planet effect. 

Labor Day?

I realized I had no idea if it was Labor Day or Memorial Day or what.  But who cares, I'm not working!

(EDIT: Artist Unknown, grabbed off 4Chan)

...or am I?  (Livestream over - good chance on another later on.  Shooting for 6 hours of coding today!)

New Small Build (0.3.7):
  • Rathazul can now move into camp after the player has completed 3 transactions with him.
  • The imp gangbang will become much more common as the player births more imps.
  • There is a new 'followers' screen the player can use to access Marble/Jojo/Rathazul, although obviously Marble/Jojo are still strictly sex. 
  • Added 'reducto' item to Rathazul's stock once he moved into camp.  I think the name implies what it can be used for well enough.
  • Added an option at Rathazul to use a portion of the Lethicite to grow a canopy of vines as a defense (to protect against troublesome airborn foes who like to gangbang, and any others that come in time.)

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I got stuck at work again (sadface), but two things:
* Im past goal, so I'm back in the black now.  
* My tf2 playing last night bore fruit - I got an item worth real money.
I have tomorrow off due to holiday, so I anticipate getting shit done, and potentially a late night stream going.
<3 Fen
(Forgive any typos, writted from phone)

EDIT:  Just got home from dinner I got dragged to, probably going to chill with some games a few hours then do a 1-2 hour stream later.  Tomorrow when I get the chance I intend to do some major streaming  (No work).

EDIT: I did streeeeeam.   Fixed bugs, got caught up on my communication, and started work on overhauling a new a camp-menu for accessing camp followers (jojo/marae/whomever else shows up.)

Saturday, September 3, 2011


1.  Wake up
2.  See gigantic Pile o' Donation (almost to goal).
3.  Sign up to go home early, vowing to self get all kinds of shit done today.
4.  Be on the verge of going home, then get stuck at work all 9 hours.
5.  Get stuck helping around the house because a clothes rack collapsed under the weight.
6.  Decide not to work on shit right now.
7.  Play vidjagames a few hours before bed or until motivation returns.

Slow Sunday

It's been a busy last week and I'm kind of kicking it slow today.  I did a bit of brainstorming for my next game, wrote four pages of smut for Nuku's game (he commissioned me and then I lost all I had done when I sold the iPad so restarting), and then played some TF2.  

What has happened in CoC in the past week:
  • Two huge new encounters at the farm (and I will be breaking up the farm in a week or two I hope), dependent on work. In their original formats they were each 25+ pages.
  • Treeboobs in the corrupted glade got finished (FINALLY). 
  • An imp gangbang with 4 variations, each many pages long.
  • A metric fuck-ton of bugfixes, typo fixes, etc.

What I intend to do in the next week:
  • Do 3-4 more items from the submission backlog, at which point I think I'll have all the ones I care to do done.  If you've submitted something you think is awesome and would like me to take another look at it in the next few days, feel free to resend it, there is a chance I meant to but lost it in my piles of email.
  • Skip out on work early at every opportunity and livestream writing/coding (and beg for donations.)
  • Code a couple small events to give the player some more options to avoid the imp rape and perhaps use the Lethicite crystal for something.
  • My primary writing goal is going to be getting Nuku's commission done and working on the texts for the various new farm events I want to add.  I have to rewrite everything I had written before I sold the iPad (same derp moment as I had with Nuku's commish), so I'm still playing catch-up.
  • Do some new fairly simple TF items for mice, rabbits, and cats.   Really it shouldn't be too hard as it only involves adding new ears and tails, and maybe a new penis type for cats. 
  • Bitch about being poor.
Awrite I'm out, hopefully I can skip out on work and get some awesome writing/coding written.

<3's & Boobies,

Friday, September 2, 2011

One Moar Bugfix

More bug fixes and alternate imp-gangbang for centaurs done.

  • Fixed some bugs with birthing triggers and the enhanced Ovi Elixers pregnancy speed increase.
  • Resolved a rare issue with minotaur blood that could cause it to crash when players without a penis used it. (Hopefully this is the end of this bug - I've had it reported forever).
  • Resolved an issue with my cockDescript function that could result in crashes.
  • Added the male/alternate imp gangbang scene (switches between asshole/vagina as appropriate).

Thursday, September 1, 2011

ZUG ZUG (Small Release) (Random Gangbang) Change List:
  • Tweaked Kelt's archery values so they raise a bit quicker (and actually go up).
  • Balanced the rate submission climbs for kelt a bit.
  • Buffed the Bee Sting attack players can get (requires less stored venom to use, both the lust and paralization effects are better).
  • Small marble tweaks.
  • Hooves from Minotaur Blood are wayyyy easier to get.
  • If you can keep from getting fucked in the vagina/butt they will regain tightness over time.
  • Kelt doesn't expect to find tits on you if you're a dude now.
  • Modified the intro to his bad-end epilogue so it makes a bit more sense for how your character would up like that.
  • Male centaurs no longer receive the brood mare bad-end.  Genderless are still vulnerable!
  • High int will warn you once if you are a centaur before you get the centaur bad-end.
  • Fixed some bugs in whiteny/kelt encounter rate.
  • There is now a small chance of being gang-banged by imps when you sleep.  The chance is higher if you are in heat.  Centaur males will not see this event.  The scenes are very long (6-7 pages each in word).
  • The 'speed up pregnancy' of Oviposition elixers is much much stronger on long pregnancies now.
I still have 1 more imp gangbang variant to code in but I had to stop because they're absolutely HUGE.  Probably on par with the Omnibus bad ends from the dungeon. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Great Stuff

I'd like to share a neat little game I spent some time playing:  Mission Brothel.  It's nowhere near as great as that Monster Quest game I talked about a while back, but its fun in its own right and has good picture selection.  Mission Brothel is a game where you purchase slaves to train for a fixed time period, along with a 'mission' (usually raise X stat to Y value) within the time period.   You whore them out in various ways to raise their stats to the goal, then return them for a payout and move onto the next slave.

(This picture shamelessly stolen from DaisyStrike's blog post)

The neat part is that as you build up gold and reputation, you can use it to upgrade your Brothel with new abilities and facilities in order to train your girls faster, have them earn more money, have better selection of jobs, etc etc.  My biggest gripe is that there doesn't seem to be much story or transformation, but it was a good distraction and I thought you all might enjoy it.

Fenoxo's Verdit: (6/10)
But there is a lot of promise in this one, and its VERY well laid out.

The original thread containing the author's updates and current release is here.
Also have a mediafire link I shamelessly stolen from DaisyStrike, creator of Otherworld:

And now for something completely different:

(WoW Porn Incoming!)

I've had a nasty headache the better part of the afternoon evening, so I may crash early (or play TF2 an hour or two) instead of working on the imp night gangbang I was working on some more.  Do not fret, a new build with some more fixes and an awesome random night gangbang opportunity will be on the way tomorrow for sure.

And a reminder:
Pornarium's next version is slated to come out tonight, or soon, not sure which.  But I'll give you guys my impressions of it once I get my grubby mits on it (Unless its some internal thing and TacoKing doesn't want me to).  Update: I have been assured that it is CRAZY buggy, and you all are best served by waiting a few days for the bugs to shake out.  Update2: ITS CRAZY BUGGY.  WAIT A FEW DAYS.

Working on Stuff

ITS OVER.  Progress:

-Tweaked Kelt's archery values so they raise a bit quicker (and actually go up).
-Balanced the rate submission climbs for kelt a bit.
-Buffed the Bee Sting attack players can get (requires less stored venom to use, both the lust and paralization effects are better).
-Small marble tweaks.
-Hooves from Minotaur Blood are wayyyy easier to get.
-If you can keep from getting fucked in the vagina/butt they will regain tightness over time.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Small Update is out.  Highlights:
  • Kelt now has a bad end if submissiveness gets to high.
  • Kelt now has bad end if you are a centaur.  Stay the fuck away from him if you don't want to become his breeder.
  • The players hidden 'submissiveness' value now declines over time, so you can stay away from Kelt to lower it.
  • Kelt can now impregnate you if you are in heat and land the right scene.

Working on Kelt(Done Now) + 0.3.6 Release + Fanart

Whelp I intend to stream a few hours and get some work done on the game as I snuck home from work to work on CoC.   I'm hoping to get Kelt finished or almost finished today.  Wish me luck.  ITS OVER.  If you like my work ethic lately, drop a donation!  I'm still a ways away from the goal but closing rapidly!

New Release! 0.3.6:
  • Added a new encounter at the farm with a centaur named Kelt (Male).
  • Kelt has a bad end and possibly a pregnancy planned but they are not available at the moment.
  • Added a new secondary weapon (its a key item, not a replacement for your current weapon) in the form of a bow.
  • Added a special attack for using the bow.
  • Tweaked and fixed some more Marble (a cowgirl at the farm) stuff.

Also here is some excellent artwork I received in the email today that's pretty representative of most people's experiences within CoC.  Artist can be found here.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Stream and Bugfix Coming Tonight

I got some nice donations so I tried (and failed) to get off early from work today to stream.  Never fear, I will endeavor to earn your monies.  I'd like to raise around $500 total by the end of the month to help get bills caught up and pay off any loans I might need to make in the interim (It takes 14 days for the cash I get in donations to make it's way to my bank account, so I'll be borrowing money if I can't make rent).  So I am going to be working hard, coding, writing, and working with every spare moment I have.  And if anyone has any experience with adult payment site processors and the systems necessary to set up a pay site, I'd like to chat with you - if I'm ever going to write/code games like this full time I need to get this stuff figured out.

I figure on a stream tonight to clean up some marble bugs, then a release of that tweaked build.  Also I hope to work some more on Kelt (another user submitted event for the farm involving a male centaur).  Last night, rather than going to bed I re-wrote some stuff for my planned farm update, so I might start layering that in after as well to really start tying it together.

EDIT: Stream Complete.

Bugfix Release 1 for Marble [DONE]:
  • Various fixes to the logic in Marble's events.
  • Fixed a few holes where withdrawl and/or marble's milk were not being properly applied/removed.
Kelt Progress:

  • 90% Coded.  Bad ends and pregnancy not coded yet as they were flagged as 'unfinished'.  I might still work a bad end or two in though.
  • Planning a release tomorrow if I can get off work to do some event linking & testing in the afternoon, then do a public test stream and release in the evening.
  • I'm working hard because you guys are jawsome!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moar Progress Reports

I've been working hard on clearing up any typos and bug reports for Marble I've gotten so far.  Expect an updated build tomorrow night to resolve most of the issues.   I wish I kept logs of my total time streaming but I think I hit at least 5 or six hours of stream-time again today.  Kelt (the centaur encounter) got almost half of his texts put into code and marble is starting to get a bit less buggy.  If I keep pounding away at the code like this I'd expect to have Kelt done within a week.  For reference Kelt is a 20+ page file, just like Marble was.   Personally I like Kelt a bit more because its more S&M and less touchy-feely, but that's just me.  I can't wait to have both up and working at 100%!


Next Game Plans:
I figured out some ideas in the shower today here they are in random order:
  • Next Game will be sci-fi themed, in a universe where cum and breastmilk are in high demand.  Cum for medical research and genetic experimentation and breastmilk as a prized foodstuff of the rich.  The player will play the role of a "Collector" who makes a living managing a slave and his/her/hir output.  By law, Collectors may only manage one 'producer', so when you tire of a character you'll be able to sell them off or retire them to a personal harem.
  • Obviously items will have to be usable on multiple characters and save files will get larger to handle all the additional data.
  • Items will generally be much more specific than in CoC.
  • The game is planned to support pictures, though not for all events. 
  • I'll start on the game whenever I figure out how to work full time on these games, or when I 'complete' CoC.  So worst case scenario - about a year or two from now.  Best case scenario?  6-7 months if I get a paysite rolling.
  • Its hella-ambitious and I'll be lucky to get half of it done.

Lame Stuff:
I am doing a bit of a donation drive to try and get caught up on my bills.  Basically if I get decent donations on any given day/night I try to make up for it by getting off work early and streaming my heart out.  Last night I got $65, which helps.  If I could get a few hundred it would get my last few bills that are behind out of the hole.

<3 You All!

Working Moar (0.3.5 Up!)

Thanks to some generous donations last night I didn't feel guilty about taking off from work early at all today.  And now you reap the rewards:  I'm working on getting marble's last linkages done now, and then I'll do a little internal testing.  Finally, I'll link some test builds up in the stream so I can have you guys help me look for bugs/balance issues.   Marble is fairly complex so there is a good chance things won't work 100% right.   TheDarkMaster - if you're reading this I hope you get with me so I can hook you up with a build, you'll know if anything is going wrong with it more than I will.
EDIT: Stream over.  Got Marble done and started on Kelt.  Marble's release is below.
EDIT2: You missed 2 more streams also.

0.3.5 POSTED - Changelog:
  • The trees in the corrupted glade can now be interacted with in high-corruption scenarios. 
  • A new encounter at the farm involving the cow-girl, Marble.  She won't appear till the farm is in your places tab (50% chance after that).   Be aware that she is a vastly different type of encounter than Jojo.

<3 Fen


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goliath Online

I'm about to drop the hammer, and dispense some indiscriminate coding!
(EDIT:  I shut it down for steak but its back up again!)
EDIT2: I'm done for now.  It'll be back later tonight I hope.
EDIT3: I streamed a bit longer but its over now.

  • Main Marble Coding - 100% Done
  • Marble Event Linkage - 85% Done
  • Marble Testing - 20% Done
  • Marble Update ETA:  Tomorrow Nite (There will be coding and then some buggy test releases dumped into livestream before the real release.)
  • Fenoxo's Farm Update stats - 0% all around.  Fuck you iPad not syncing documents.
  • Nuku's events I was writing for him - 0% all around.  Fuck you iPad.
  • The rest of my backlog - Ugh.  0%.  Still a bunch more shit to sift through.
  • Rent - Looks like I'll be a bit short on rent this month.  So either Bad Dragon needs to pay me for my ad *grumble*, or I need to get lucky with donations.  I'm trying to get my activity back up to where it needs to be so that I don't feel like a mooch.  Considering I put in a good 5 hours on the game today I'm not complaining.

Friday, August 26, 2011

WTF Stream!


I'm actually working (on the game).   Fun Fact:  I'm done going home early from work early when its slow.  I had to sell off the iPad to pay some bills, so it was a bit of a wake-up call.  

EDIT: I got through most of converting marble to code.  I had to make some logic edits and cut some things.  We will see how it goes when I reassemble it all together.  I'm about 5/6 through converting the submitted file into code.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Drinking 'N Coding

I hate huge submitted events.  Rawr.   Seriously.  Got way more frustrated working on this event than I have any right to, and totally nuked my motivation within an 70 minutes or so.

I know I closed submissions for a month...but I think it might become an indefinite hold excepting very limited instances, or a switch to a more open ended style of "You can send me an event but its 90% likely I won't code it".   Having this backlog is killing my motivation, and every time I try to work on it I either get frustrated trying to figure out how to make these events work the way the authors want, or dragged off by RL obligations (or sex).

GLOOM AND DOOOOOOOM (I do still intend to do Kelt and force myself to finish Malon.  But I'm at a point where I might put them on hold a while and try chipping at them in small chunks, so as not to kill myself.)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

I found more fanart on Hentai-Foundry!  Apparently I have my own category :P

I also parsed out some of marble, its a beast of an event and I'm too buzzed to do much with it right now. I'm at about 20% parsed, 0% linked.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

0.3.2 (Uber Update - LOL Go Play TF2!)

Release 0.3.2:

  • Worms can now be removed by pure Jojo or Giacomo (for a fee).
  • Various small tweaks to some sex-scenes to better accommodate centaurs.
  • New victory rape scene for defeating imps (remember, you can only beat imps if you beat them with lust) and centaur characters.   In total it was a 9 page word document so hopefully it will satisfy you centaur-ifiles.   I certainly liked coding it :3
  • New orally focused loss-scene for the minotaur (50% chance - disabled for centaurs because it wouldn't make sense).
  • Minotaur autorape chances have been tweaked to be more easily avoided.  
  • Added perk descriptions to the perk display page.  These will only appear for new characters or perks that have been gained since this update. 
  • If you have hooves the equinum bad end will not happen until after you've got full centuar.  This should make centaur grinding a bit easier.
  • Added a new and potentially fourth-wall breaking event in the mountains if you go there at a low level, are weak, and run into a minotaur.
Don't blame me for that last one, I didn't write it, I just thought it was hilarious and coded it ^.^

Short Stream Tonight (ITS OVER)

I'm crazy-ass tired though, so no promises on it lasting very long.   What will I be coding?  A hilarious and somewhat horribly fourth-wall-breaking event in the mountains to help keep new players from being bum-raped (and give them a bit of warning), written by Dxasmodeus (genderless tentacle event?  Yup, same writer).   More small tweaks to fix centaurs in existing sex scenes.   And then if I have energy I'll start on some of the other big submissions still clogging my email.

For those who missed it before:

I'll start taking them again in about a month, after I've had a chance to clear my backlog and get the farm update written/done.  I won't lie, my overall productivity has dropped due to vidjagames & an increased workload irl.   Mostly videogames though.  TEAM FORTRESS 2 (GIMME YER HATZ)!

I've also been framing up my next engine at work (or in the shower) and mentally slotting the pieces together.  I want to get it into a fairly functional framework for handling TF's with a few example events and items, and then release it, to see if people find it a bit more usable.  CoC I think is a victim of it's own complexity.

Here's the current nextGen 'Corruption Engine' to-do list:

  1. Create an array of 'creature' (my datatype used for players/monsters) to make for easy loading and storage of players, monsters, and potentially pets/camp followers.
  2. Create a system for queuing up a series of events.  This one is huge, and should let me handle looting multiple items from one combat and enable me to have events trigger off other events with MUCH more grace.
  3. Fully encapsulate the body-parts into the creature class (yay private variables!), and set up functions to return every specific value I'd need to check, with decent error-checking (and reporting) to prevent event-crashes when an unexpected bodytype goes down the wrong logic tree.
  4. Handle statuses/keyItems/perks in a slightly less retarded way.  My hasPerk() type functions are stupid and overly complex for what I need.
  5. Recode items to be in an array, so my item code doesn't have to have so much duplicate code.
  6. Improve text parsing to make using my randomized body-part descriptions less of a hassle.
  7. Document the key functions as I write them and create a short guide for each kind of event you could put into the game.
  8. I still wish I could teach myself XML, I think having some kind of event importer would make my job a lot easier, but ehhhhhh.
GAH!  You get the idea.  Anyways, I'm off to dinner, see you guys tonight!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fail & Progress Report

Things I did today:
-Coded two ways to get rid of worms.
-Wrote about 2000 lines for a commission (No I'm not open for more, this was a special case).  It won't show up in CoC, though I'll pimp it pretty hard once it gets finished and coded into place.  I'm about 1/2 done with it for now.
-Sent my first files to my new second editor.  When I'm busy/behind like I currently am I think I'll just split the workload between them, rather than having them do the file in series.

Other stuff I don't think I've talked about:
-Perk descs got done.
-Couple new scenes are in.
-I have an imp night-ambush gangbang that showed up in my inbox to code as well, somehow I'm still falling further behind :P
-Still waiting on 26 page submission to come back from editor 1.
-There is an event at the lake if you're pregnant with oviposition elixer that lets you choose your egg color.  This is live in the latest release of the game.  

Also I'd like to apologize for promising a stream, then bailing within the first 10 minutes a few nights back, but when the old lady comes in wanting sex, it takes precedence.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Working Nau

It's over!  I got the scene coded and went through a bunch of other tweaks/bugs/typos that were reported to me as well.   Good progress.  Now to play TF2...

Coding a submitted centaur on imp scene, then who knows what:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UPDAAAATE (0.3.1b3)

I'll probably squeak in a late livestream this evening around 9 or 10 CST.   I remembered to send off the 26 page lactating cowgirl submission to my editor, and I think I might start setting up to code it tonight.   If not, I'll probably do a little coding and TF.  This is all dependent on me getting time to catch a nap though, I'm a bit sleep deprived.  I got a bugfix build 0.3.1b3 build out.  It fixes a bunch of shit and I coded half of a large centaur on imp rape scene (not activated yet).

I'm knocking out a few things right now to try and make the game a bit more error-resistant.  Also fixing up the tentacle beast so you can fight it if your corrupt and want to.   Oh and large blue eggs will counter multi-tits in the future.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Real Life Work... a bitch.  Between that, getting to go out with an old friend, and being 'dad' (seriously how fucked up would it be to learn your dad did something like this?), I didn't get much of anything done lately.  It's going to be a pretty sparse week for me, so have some awesome porn from Hentai Foundry.

Click the Image to View Original Source

Friday, August 5, 2011

Snake-Trap Comic & the Coding Master & Unfinished Char Viewer Up For DL

The character viewer flash app is done.  It will let you select existing save files and will attempt to display them.  There are still some numerous issues with it (no nipples, multidicks, hair/skin color, etc), but it gives a pretty solid approximation now :3  You can find it in the downloads section.

Snake-Trap's newest comic is awesome and you should all go buy it.   I'm not sure if playing the dungeon helped inspire it or not, but has a body growth set up that would be right at home with the demons ruling the wilds of Mareth, even if it uses World of Warcraft themed characters.

No I'm not being paid in any way for endorsing this, I just want to see Snake-Trap's stuff succeed because I love the comics he pushes out.

I also got to spend some time listening to John Carmac's talk from Quake Con.  Who is he?  One of the pioneers of modern 3d graphics technology, and a friggin' genius.  Even if some of the stuff he talks about is way outside my knowledge, I could listen to him ramble about this stuff for hours.

Wow does he ever make me feel like a terrible programmer.  It did inspire me to think on my engine a bit and I've got some big changes to help reduce the number of bugs in the next version.  I also want to do some kind of simpler parsing system and lock down variables a bit better to prevent some of the event crashers.   I think my next game is going to break away from CoC and take place in a more sci-fi setting, hopefully I can get started on it sometime in early winter and have a prototype done sometime decent. 

I did learn today how to make optional function arguments.   It was simple and again, I feel retarded for not knowing it.


Knee-Jerk Bugfix 2:
-Fixed a few typos in cunt/ass stretching.
-Fixed anal virginity loss not reporting.
-Fixed speed and intelligence being in reverse order on the level up stat selection list.
-Fixed a few typos.
-Whitney's farm is now a bit easier to relocate to places (and a bit more clear when it does.)
-Minotaur double-dick scene should be a bit easier to encounter.

0.3.1 (Untested) Release

So I haven't tested this build at all, so I'm keeping 0.3F posted for now as it is more bug-free.

As always, available from the download link on the sidebar.  Please do not repost it until I get a chance to do a bit more bug-squishing.

  • The boat will now find Marae much more often since the lake is so boring atm.
  • Tentacle Monster is now fightable (Thank Dxasmodeus of FP!)
  • A new bad-end has arrived for when you lose to the tentacle beast numerous times as a corrupt herm.  Pro-tip:  Don't lose!
  • New herm-multicock on bee-girl victory rape event by Mallowman.
  • Additional tentacle monster loss rape text for very milky players.  (If you want credited for it I need you to send me an email with the alias you'd like to go by.)
  • New player-on-bee double-dick rape text available.  The text is pretty damned messy so if you find a typo or run on sentence, feel free to copy paste the offending blurb to point it out to me.  I already fixed a couple when I was coding it. (As above, I need an alias to credit this to.  Email me with it content creator!)
  • Minotaur Urethral Penetration rape scene by Nightshade.  (Requires dick <= 4" thick, and greater than 14 inches of length.)
  • The option to take the incubus' member now exists for those who like that sort of thing.
  • Anal stretching now happens.
  • Tweaked vaginal stretching
  • Bee girls now support centaurs (mostly just small changes to the sex).
  • More typo fixes.
  • Tentacle monster no longer always shows up in debug mode (and fixed a bug with the imp overlapping it).
  • Fixed an issue with some of the bee-girl text missing.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Moar Work? Zug zug!

Knocked out most of the smaller stuff on my backlog today:
-New high lactation tentacle event.
-Two new multicock scenes for beegirl rape (2x cocks & 5 or more cocks)
-New 'take it up the bum' scene for the factory's incubus.

EDIT: Uber Late-Nite Update:
-Bee girl has received numerous alterations to accommodate centaur characters (and typo fixes).  Thank my mystery helper.
-Dungeon has received a few bug fixes and typos as well.
-Tweaked cunt stretching text (it was missing text at the last change)
-Added anal stretching (love me furfags!)   (<3)

There may be some new bugs introduced due to me throwing so many new if-checks into the sex scenes, but I'm sure you guys will help me murderize them as they crop up.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dungeon Re-Release

Putting out the final bugfix release (0.3F - no new content).  Most of the changes:
  • Fixed a bug that caused equinum to crash out when trying to change your dick to an equine member.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause bee-rape to crash out (and cause next to loop to a fresh rape scene a few times).
  • Fixed a big with key item removal.  Trading away hentai comics should now properly remove it from your key items.
  • Rewrote item storage to be more efficient and stop claiming its full before you even pick an item (potentially buggy).
  • Rewrote a chunk of the inventory system to avoid losing an old equipped weapon when switching to a new one from a stack of multiples. 
  • Reworded some of the breast/nipple masturbation to prevent nonsensical phrasing.
  • Corrupt Jojo now drops Incubi Drafts and Succubi Milk.
  • Enter/Space are now hotkeyed to 'LEAVE' as well.  This should make Giacomo and the Alchemist a bit less painful to encounter.
  • Perks/Appearance buttons now hide when leveling up, to prevent you from accidentally leaving the level up choices before picking a stat/perk to increase/gain.
  • Fixed many typos.

...And got some work done.  The submitted fightable tentacle beast modification is done and coded (for the NEXT release). Next up: all the small misc submissions before I tackle the 26 page monster.


Monday, August 1, 2011

User Submissions Closing

I've got to close user submissions for the time being.  I'm falling behind both in my own work and in user submitted stuff and I never want to get to a point where I have an event sitting on my desk waiting to be coded for months on end.  Those of you who have existing content in the game (or submitted) are free to continue sending me updates/new scenes for that stuff, but be aware I've got a bit of a backlog now.  I got a 26 page event today on top of everything else I've been putting off while I did the dungeon, so I've got to put a stopper on the content faucet or I'm never getting caught back up.

It always takes me much longer to code submitted content than my own stuff (particularly multi-level complex events like the aforementioned submission or the centaur from the contest), because I have to figure out how all the logic is going to be laid out and broken up into functions.  Usually with my own stuff that's already been figured out while I'm writing.

Speaking of my own stuff, I did get a chance to sit down today and crank out a chunk of farm update stuff.  I even managed to write a solid chunk of using the cock-milker the first time.

Also:  I'm poor.  Note to self - DON'T SIGN UP TO GO HOME EARLY.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Still Not Dead

I'm still not dead (and still haven't abandoned CoC, wtf?!), and I got a little work done on my 'CoC Character Viewer App'.  It got it set up to load save files and display most non-sexual bits (faces, fur, feet, horns, ears, antennae, and tails).   Tonight I want to work on it some more and get pregnancies, balls, and breasts, and maybe dicks situated.  Nipples will probably have to wait for another day because they'll require me to duplicate and place each individually for size breast.  Here's what WON'T be accurate in CoC Viewer's approximation:
  1. Skin/Hair/Fur colors.  I may set flash to shift the colors appropriately down the road but it'll take time and I've already spent hours on this thing.  I'll probably try to accomplish this whenever I start on a 'with images' version.  
  2. Perfect multi-tit representation.  Because of the way breasts are laid out I couldn't get them to look right if non-matching sizes are displayed.  So huge up top with smaller down low characters will just look huge.
  3. More than 3 dicks.  After a certain number of layers Flash stops showing the bottom layers, so for now I'm going to limit it to 3 dicks and pray I don't end up with any situations that cause the base body layer not to display. 
Hopefully I'll stream and get a lot done tonight.  Nope energy levels @ 0 again.  BLEH.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Fenoxo is afflicted with food poisoning.

I feel significantly better today than yesterday, but still not really all there, so forgive me if I'm not answering message/emails with my usual gusto.  I'm hoping to be up to 100% tomorrow, since I was actually able to eat some solid foods today.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Character Viewer & Monmusu Question 100% Translation

I did a bit of a secret furries only stream because I was just doing some monotonous work setting up the character viewer program.  I got a lot done but came upon some serious limitations:

  • Breastrows have to be displayed as similar sized breasts due to the way they are drawn, so players with a huge top rack and smaller underboobs will just be shown as having huge boobs all around (sorry!).
  • I need to manually duplicate and place nipples on each varying size of tit, which will drive me insane.
  • Arranging, naming, and organizing 200 images as a bitch.  I can't commend my mystery artist enough for doing all this work.

ALSO!  That also monster quest game?  Yeah the 100% translation patch is out.  Hit it up!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Ok so after Cthulhu knows how many problems getting home, I have returned to my vestibule and resumed normal life. So what did I get done on vacay?  Absolutely nothing.  I was too busy getting drunk with friends and being a party person.   In the mean time, I have gotten two fantabulous arts in my email:

Demon-bee-horsecock-futa?  Yes please!

She could be my #1 dad. 
(By Ink Asylum: NSFW Page, SFW Page)
I went through the comments and killed some typos.  I'm moving onto my FA comments next.  I think I'm going to have to introduce a bug submission form soon to make sure I get as much information about bugs as possible when they are reported.  Having the exact steps to make it repeatable and/or a copy paste of the entire text can make it a lot easier on me.   

Anyhow, next time I get to coding it'll probably be make the tentacle beast fightable and add Dxasmodeus's new scenes for it.    That guy has contributed a lot to my game and has been behind me 100% since UTG and I can't thank him enough for adding so much great stuff (Giacomo, tentacles, worms to hit the big ones).  

Pssss....P.S. has a girl getting double-teams by mutant horses with tentacles growing out around their horsedicks.  Not sure why I like but I do.

EDIT:  Did some bugfixing today, next build changelog has some updates.  I think after the next bugfix release I'm going to hold back until I'm ready for the next content patch.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thank You, Future Plans, & More BugFix Builds Rolling Out

HEADS UP!  I'm out of town starting now.  No chance to work on the code till Sunday or Monday so I wouldn't expect an update in the near future. 

Thanks, You Guys Rock:
Firstly let me thank everyone who has donated to help me out financially both in the past and in my recent 'rent' donation drive.  You guys made the difference between me having gas in the tank and good food on my plate this month.  Thank you.  I'm still being retarded and jumping out of work early when we have slow days, so don't hesitate to throw me any spare pocket change through the donate link.  It does work, and unlike AlertPay doesn't make you jump through 1000 hoops.

Oh, and I checked with Bad-Dragon, it seems my advertisement has netted some sales so I'll be getting a few bucks from them too.  Those of you who bought toys - I'd love it if you emailed me reviews of what you got, I'd definitely post them up.  I like actually advertising products I think are quality ^.^

Future Plans:
So what's next on my menu?  Here's the 'simple' list of things I want to do.  Aside from the first item, it's a pretty loose list so priorities and work order may shift based on my attention span:
  1. Catch up on submitted events (Fightable tentacle monsters, other miscellaneous sex scenes for existing monsters, CONTEST CENTAUR LOVINZ).
  2. Expand the farm to allow usage and purchase of milkers in the barn.  Allow usage of said milkers on oneself or Whitney's 'animals' (furry/monstergirls).
  3. Naga/Spider girls, not sure which first.

Fenoxo Away:
So I've made a lot of progress at cleaning up the dungeon in the past couple days.  Which is good since I am going on a road trip Thursday through Sunday (no worries, I didn't pay for it or use your donations to pay for it) for personal stuff.  I'll still probably respond to my emails/comments and try to do some writing while I'm out but no guarantees.  And obviously I won't be able to do ANY coding or bug fixing during that time.

RC4 Out Now:
  • Purified succubus milk no longer changes skin color.
  • The beautiful sword event no longer functions once marae becomes corrupt.
  • If marae's text gives you a vagina, you actually get one.
  • If you shut down the factory and then submit to the incubus it is now handled appropriately (with violence!)
  • The incubus can now take virginities.
  • Genderless characters will now be given a vagina to enjoy the full 'losing to an omnibus' experience.  Don't worry, I made it make sense.  Sorta.
RC3 Out Now:
  • Fixed VAGINA error for genderless people failing to steal a crystal.
  • Losing to the incubus after shutting down the factory does not generate a bad end.
  • Incubus Draft can no longer shrink tits to nothing.
  • BreastCup Error reporting has been improved.
  • Gro+ has been renamed to GroPlus to avoid font problems.
  • Combat resolution has been improved and certain monsters will no longer leave you 'stuck' in combat with 100 lust.
  • Hitting GroPlus for your clit, then encountering the tentacle monster should no longer report your clit swelling to a smaller size.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Slow Night

So as expected, the dungeon is full of bugs.  I just finished cleaning up a bunch:

0.3R2 Changelog:
  • Hellhound/Oviposition pregnancy mixmatch fixed.
  • Corrupt people can now find the dungeon after getting punted by Marae. 
  • You can no longer ignore the incubus once you enter his room (unless he has something to distract him.)
  • Genderless succubus loss no longer presumes you have a pussy. 
  • Genderless incubus rape no longer has you shooting off an imaginary penis. 
  • Tweaked combat victory/loss determining slightly to reduce the chances of triggering simultaneous losses or victories.
  • Many typos and small gender bits in dungeon sex scenes resolved.

Dungeon Release Candidate 1 Status

It's out!  Hit it up in the downloads page or from my furaffinity.  I just spend the past hour on livestream fixing bugs, but I am sure many remain.  If you get any, be sure to include a copy/paste of any relevant text from the screen when the bug happens.

Good luck, have fun, and a RC2 will let totally corrupt players find the dungeon I promise, I'm just too tired to tweak anymore atm.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Guess I Owe a Status Update

EDIT: Streaming Nau Small chance I might declare the dungeon fit for live-stream testing tonight.

So the event at the lake that supports the dungeon is kind of getting a lot longer than I originally intended, and is now five pages long.  I still have a bit of sex to write for it too.  Fun fact:  more bad-end opportunities there as well.  I've STILL got to code 3-4 items for the dungeon and wrap up this lake thing, and then I'll be good to bug-test and polish things a day or two and release.  Also, I've added diminishing returns to breast growth finally, so game breaking tits shouldn't happen unless you're working damned hard to get them.

Lastly, I have a talented artist working on paperdoll images for the 'with images' version of the game.  I'm thinking I may take a break from dungeon stuff to put together a 'CoC Character Viewer' people can import their characters from to see what kind of images it would give.  Right now its primary human/dog morphs that I can do, and it doesn't really have images to get too far into hyper (and I don't know if it will).

Now I'ma write, peace!

EDIT:  have a teaser image (not in-engine, but assembled from the parts I'll be using):

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coded Some...

-Last Dungeon Monster is approx 100% done.
-Wrote the last room description.
-Coded two new perks - One to boost minimum lust up to 30 (when combined with the existing minimum lust booster they raise it 40 (they do not stack perfectly).  The second perk requires intelligence of 25 and lowers the enemy's effective toughness for damage resistance by 10.
-Coded a 'wait' option for those of you who like to lose in combat.

-Dungeon 'total victory' events.  Keeping it vague for the win.
-Related lake encounters (these should be FAIRLY simple).
-Dungeon item drops.
-Post-completion dungeon content (Staffing abandoned dungeon with random encounters or additional story.  This will probably come in a later patch.)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lil 'Bit o' Coding & Sandvich Fanart

An anonymous fan gave me this awesome sand-witch (SANDVICH!) fanart today, I thought I would share it with you all.  
Pussy Galore

I also did a bit of buzzed coding, slotting in new room descriptions and the start of the Omnibus events.   

Wheeee gnite all!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OT: Apple's Customer Service

It has surprised me.  After some difficulty trying to get someone on a phone without having to pay first (I gave up on that), I just sent in my broken iPad2.  I sent it at 4PM on Thursday.  By Saturday morning they had a replacement in the mail with 1 day shipping.   Kudos Apple, you're a giant evil corporation that actually manages to have decent support.

Contest Winners:  The top three should be getting their prize in the email shortly, I just forwarded your email addresses to the guy with the prizes so give him a day or two to get them sent out to you.  If you have any problems with that feel free to give me a holler.  There is no ETA on if/when I will add the events to the game, but I will be leaving the link to the contest entries up.

CoC updates:  Nothing done last night, I was wayyy behind on sleep and crashed early.  I'm crushing a few small bugs this morning so hopefully I'll feel motivated to code some dungeon stuff tonight.  If not I do have some parts to write for the Omnibus and the mystery lake events that will accompany the dungeon.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Zug zug! More Work?

Bit o' spoiler below:

Got a little bit of writing done last night - All the Omnibus' (Cumcubus?  The jury is still out on the name) rape scenes are done.  There are three, all involve some variant on the tentacle-panty idea and heavy mind-control.  Each one is a bad-end.  I have not written when is to happen when you win, but I think I'll take the cheap way out and avoid writing a huge sex-scene.  Instead I'll probably have her grant you a boon if you defeat her - perhaps restoring part of your body to a more human state or increasing a stat.  There will be a hidden consequence that comes with it though.

Tonight I did a bit of coding and got all the Incubus Stuff coded in and wrapped up.  He can now rape or be raped.  When you defeat him you also have the option of giving him a blowjob, because why the hell not?

Remaining is:
+Dungeon Items
+4 Dungeon Rooms
+One set off additional miscelleneous dungeon sex scenes (already written)
+Omnibus(Cumcubus) encounter & rape scenes
+Lake Supplimentals

Friday, July 8, 2011

Contest Voting/Entries Up! (No Stream Tonight, Tired)

Assuming I understood the man behind this contest right there are 3 copies of Borderlands up for grabs.  You'll find a link to all the entries in the sidebar, give 'em a read and vote on who you think deserves to get a free game!   The winners have a good chance of getting coded into the game.  I'll admit I know there is at least one I want to code whether it wins or not!


EDIT:  Found this on /d/ earlier today.  Came BUCKETS.   It's basically a game where you play a hero out to make peace between humans and monster(girls).  Of course the girls want to live on your semen sooooo....
Buy it here:
75% English patch here:

EDIT: I deleted the download links once I realized that was probably piracy.   Still, fuck-awesome game.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pushed Out a New Bugfix Batch:

Nuku, of Flexible Survival is looking for someone to help with his website:
"Are you good at making tasteful designs that can capture attention? I need you!
Flexible Survival, the web MMO, needs someone to come and give it some tough loving in the web department. I can make the game itself sing and dance, but my web experience suffers, and the game suffers with it. Think you're up for it? Let me know!

* Experience with Javascript and Ajax would be a huge plus.
* This is a paid gig."

  • Turned down the fail on the imp food height shrinkage. It will work for sure next build.
  • Retooled canine peppers, equinum, and minotaur blood. Changes will now happen in the following order (if appropriate, mino blood/equinum are a little different): Tail -> Ears -> Feet -> Fur -> Face. This should make it easier to stay /d/ without going full furry. Of course nothing is stopping you from making that final plunge either :3
  • Canine Pepper breast enlargement/growth should now only happen if you have a vagina. You're welcome boy-doggies!
  • Changing to a centaur with minotaur blood & equinum had its probabilities lowered since most scenes do not accommodate centaurs.
  • Minotaur face morphing will require you to be nearly eight feet tall before you gain a minotaur's visage.
  • Minotaur horns require you to have a minotaur tail and ears before appearing.
  • Many of the minotaur's cosmetic changes had their success chance lowered to be more in line with the Peppers & Equinum.
  • Your race in appearance may show as 'bee-morph' or 'minotaur-morph' now.
  • Logic for placing items in storage will now fill stacks with room before starting a new one.
  • Starting work on overhauling tits to allow partial growth (thus letting me slow growth as they get larger). 
  • The Hellhound is now properly credited to 'The Dark Master' in the credits. 
I streamed a bit and coded a TON of sex for the succubus in the dungeon.  Woot.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tentacle-Suits on the Brain

A bit of a teaser here - I wrote a 1000+ word bad-end involving the Omnibus and a mind-controlling tentacle-suit if you have multi-dicks and lose to her.  (1/6 sex scenes done).   The other two should follow similar form, with slightly varying methods of mind-control used to finish of the bad-end.   I haven't settled on what I want the victory scenes to be yet, I'll have to come up with some kind of hot twist to use for it.

I also got her combat attacks written, so really I just need the last rape scenes, item stuff, and the lake stuff (with a few sex-scenes depending on how it goes when I write it).   Regardless of what I get written today, I think I'll start coding the dungeon in a stream late tonight.


  • Dungeon Framework Laid Down.
  • Two rooms coded.
  • Precombat succubus scenes coded.
  • Succubus combat stats and 2/3 of her attacks coded.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dungeon Status Update

I'm getting a LOT of people asking where I'm at one the dungeon.  Let me break it down for you guys:

Dungeon Progress:
Code - 0%
  •  Dungeon System 0%
  •  Rooms and Monsters 0%
  •  Items 0%
  •  New Dick Type - 0%
Writing - 66%
  •  Monster 1 (Succubus) 100%
  •  Monster 2 (Incubus) 100% 
  •  Monster 3 (Omnibus) 5%
  •  Dungeon Rooms 90%
  •  Miscelleneous Dungeon Events 80%
  •  Supporting Outdoor Events 0%
In a nutshell, I have to write some texts for new items, combat and rape scenes for the Omnibus, and then a few outdoor events that relate to the dungeon and some plot.  Really, if I can make some good progress and get the rapes for the omnibus written (or mostly written) I'll start spending time coding it as I have time.  The dungeon system should slot in without too much work.  I'm more worried that I'll accidentally break the masturbation texts for those that luck into getting demon-cocks from raping the succubus.  In theory, if I push myself and have time (and it looks like I'm calling in sick to work tomorrow), I might be able to start coding within a week. 

I also saw this, and immediately thought of the all-natural self-stimulation belt and organic onahole.   I'm thinking I need to find some hybrid of the two you can lock on to Jojo (thus disabling the 'sex' scenes in his masturbation menu, but modifying his behavior in the woods and maybe giving him some other alternate scenes. That poor mouse!  If only I had the time.

Apparently when I get sick I get hopped up on caffeine and code my ass off, so I did a lot of tweaking to the furry items and cleaned up the item storage for the next build.  I also fixed the imp food so that it will properly shrink those with dicks.  

Maybe a stream tonight?  I don't know.  I won't talk during it as I have a sinus infection.  

Sunday, July 3, 2011


0.2.6b3 Coming Out!
*Imp Food will now allow you to reduce your height down to about 3'6".
*Added a bad end to the fetish cultist if you lose to them with low enough intellect.
*Added a new player on fetish-cultist as a nun scene.

Aaaannnnd you guys continue to amaze.  I'm really (even more than when I had paypal) starting to think I could find a way to monetize this enough to do it full-time.   Craziness.

You guys remember that fanart I posted last night?  Well it's animated now (just a simple idle animation).  Go look.

Lastly, a kind user has picked up some Borderlands GOTY (PC Version) editions.  To enter for a chance to win one, write a scene between 500-7500 words of CoC related fanfiction or events, and mail it to fenoxo AT   Entries will appear on the blog along with a poll to choose the winner.  The top three will receive Borderlands GOTY editions and potentially have their event added into corruption of champions.  The deadline is this Thursday night at 11:59PM (Central Standard Time) so get cracking if you want free games.  Donations have exceeded expectations, so I may chip in an extra game or two depending on steam's sales.

Lastly, I managed to write some more stuff for the dungeon today - room descriptions and three short scenes culminating in another bad-end.    The main dungeon file has crossed the 10,000 word threshold according to the iPad's word-counter.   I'm going to pop in a Matrix movie and try to do some more writing on it before I stream later tonight.  Expect something around the usual 10CST tonight, though it may be a quickie just to code in a bad-end for the fetish cultist and tweak a few things with the items.

<3 Fen

Lifes a Beach!

(Updated the sidebar link to fix some of the doggie rape issues!  Enjoy)

Crisis averted!  You guys donated well over $100 while I slept last night.  I'll leave the links up in case anyone wants to contribute to me, but for now I'm no longer 'in need'.  I'm $75 behind on rent for the month.  Crap.  That's what I get for taking off work early and working on this all the time.  Now I know AlertPay is a pain so I set up a way to kick me some cash through google checkout (which I assume most people trust, being that it's google).   The link below will take you to a page where you can buy the source code for CoC.  Why?  Because if I'm going through google checkout I have to sell SOMETHING, and I don't think code will violate their ToS.   And really, I've dragged my feet on letting CoC's code out of the box long enough.  So if you'd like to help me out, click the new donate button (below).  Alternatively, you could go buy a toy from bad-dragon, and I'll get a small cut of the price so long as you go through one of my links.  

Ok, on to stuff that doesn't suck.  NEW FANART, from the talented AF of Hentai Foundry.  To all the talented artists who have drawn cool stuff because of this game - you guys rock my socks off on a daily basis.

Friday, July 1, 2011

0.2.61 out (Codename: Hotdogs!)

A new build is out, featuring hellhounds submitted by 'The Dark Master'.  It's relatively untested so bugs ahoy!

Also, I'll be putting up an advertisement for Bad-Dragon shortly.  Anyone who clicks through my link and proceeds to purchase something from them will actually be giving me a small cut of the sale, which is a pretty clever and useful way of setting up advertisements all around.  And they're actually products that are relative to the game so yay, awesome animal/fantasy creature sex-toys!   The link below SHOULD be set up, and once I get the verification that everything is lined up I'll have a banner up top for them :3

Snake-Trap's last image in the series inspired by my game.  Check out his comics!
I played wayy to much TF2 tonight.  Urk. Sleep now, then a day of work, then 2 days off when I can hopefully get a lot done! Caio,

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tonight's To-Do List (Sorry I left the stream link up after I went to bed)

To-do list, post-stream:

-Finish camp storage system.
-Overhaul some of the item-logic code to remove some redundancies and make it more efficient for me to add more systems that slot into items (like a shop).
-Write a few pages of stuff for the dungeon.
-Code the submitted hell-hound event?  I'm still not 100% sure I like it, I may do some more rewrites even beyond what I had my editor do (I've only selected one at the moment, and I banned him for 5m like a dick during the stream last night.  I'm a terrible 'boss'.  Apparently it was just a guy with a similar name.  whew.)
-Mayyyyybe release a quick new build if I finish the camp/item stuff and get the hellhound in.

Also, Snake-Trap is the pimpest of pimps:
(This is part 3, See the post below for parts 1 & 2)
0.2.6 slipped out.  No new sex in it though.  LOL
*Whitney's Farm will no longer be encountered at the lake once it is in the places tab.
*There is a new low-probability encounter at the lake with a potential new weapon that scales in power based on your purity.
*Comfortable clothes should no longer disappear when equipping new armor.
*The fetish outfits will revert to comfortable clothes if unequipped.
*Five 'natural' colored hair dyes are now in the game, purchaseable for 50Gems from Rathazul.
*All items should now have tooltips.
*Coded in an in-camp storage system, to be unlocked by finding chests during your exploration.  Only 1 chest coded so far. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Streaming Tonight (OVER)

Streams are over for the night.  Here's the checklist:

-(DONE) Add an event that allows your character to procure a sword, but only if the player is relatively uncorrupted.  If the player becomes corrupt they would lose the ability to use the sword.
-(DONE)-Add an event for Rathazul to allow the player to purchase a few simple hair dyes in exchange for a vial of minotaur blood or honey (black, blond, white, red, auburn, brown).  I may introduce some exotic colors like pink/purple/blue/green/orange in exchange for some rarer kind of material (I went with 50 Gems per dye instead of a trade.)
-(90% DONE)Code the back-end for the system below
-Add an event where the player can find an old chest in the desert that will hold 4 item slots worth of items at camp.  In theory the player could find up to 4 of these, allowing 16 items to be stored across two pages of menus.   I figure since I am adding equipable items I need to allow a place to store them.
-(DONE) Allow the player to keep the cultist-outfits or comfortable clothes when equipping new armors.
-Maybe start on the hellhound if I have time but I doubt it.

I didn't get energy to work on the dungeon today like I planned, but I did fix some bugs and work on coding in a new awesome weapon and associated events for those who are pure of heart.

Let me leave you with something Snake-Trap drew, apparently inspired by my game (SWEET!).  Also go buy his stuff, it's awesome and full of TF/Body Part Growth.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bug Fixes Ahoy!

I finally had time to trawl the bug reports I've been receiving in comments and get a LOT more broken stuff fixed.   BEHOLD!

*Raping the ooze should no longer sometimes give fetish cultist rape scenes.
*Herm double-rape scene for the fetish cultist has been fixed.
*Minotaur Blood's height change now happens somewhat more often and gives a larger increase in height.
*Fixed a duplicate line in the cunt-nipple masturbation scene.
*Places can no longer be accessed when debilitatingly aroused.
*More typos fixed.
*Bee-girl rape option is removed for the genderless.
*Fixed purified incubus drafts still adding corruption (I hope).
*Losing to the fetish cultist now makes you slightly dumber and leaves a little lust behind.
*Places can no longer be accessed when debilitatingly aroused.
*More typos fixed.
*Bee-girl rape option is removed for the genderless.
*Fixed purified incubus drafts still adding corruption (I hope).
*Losing to the fetish cultist now makes you slightly dumber and leaves a little lust behind.
*Fetish cultist now focuses on entirely lust-based attacks.
*Lots of typos/tweaks to the fetish cultist rape scenes.

"No Mr. Barker, you shouldn't spay your pet bee-girls!"
I'm ashamed of myself for making that joke.

As always, updated link is in the sidebar.

..TOoo Much TF2!

So here's what I got done in spite of it:
0.2.5b1 Changes:
*Fixed typo of 'bed' instead of 'bet' in alchemist encounter.
*Debug mode no longer force you to lay black eggs.
*Items are no longer equippable in debug mode to prevent weirdness and bug reports for things that aren't bugs.
*Black eggs will now lay the correct size of egg.
*Fixed a bug with running from the worms that could result in you being in combat with your last foe.
*Fixed a bug where the runner perk would malfunction and cause weirdness.
*Fixed the gel armor to be plural like all other armor names ('comfortable clothes, etc).
*Fixed the fetish cultist so the text at the end properly reflects whether or not your armor is permanently changed.
*The Fetish Cultist's 'penis' sex scene should now work fine for those with a singular penis.

-Herms will get two rape sequences jammed together when they rape the cultist.  This is already fixed for bugfix build 2.
-Various typos.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

0.2.5 Dropping In 3....2....1.....BWUH?!

That's right.  0.2.5 is dropping now.  Not a HUGE update per-say, but I definitely haven't forgotten about CoC in the past few weeks!   Also, I added a link to Snake-Trap's stuff because he is awesome.  I figured if I can't find a decent advertiser, I may as well advertise awesome people/art!

0.2.5 Changelog:

*Fixed some of the masturbation for nipplecunts + single cocks that are long enough to autofellate.
*Fixed some errors in the masturbation code regarding multi-cocks + nipplecunts, as well as few that could crash out of the masturbation scene.
*New loss scene when losing via lust to imps. The scene requires your primary cock to be at least 4 inches thick. (Urethral insertions ahoy!)
*Added "black rubber eggs" to the game. They can transform your skin/hair to rubber or latex. Hair/skin will match materials, though which you get is the luck of the draw. Not you need a large egg to actually get the skin transformation.
*Added a "Fetish Cultist" encounter to the lake who can sometimes change the player's clothing into something a bit more...fetishy.
*Adding a droppable riding crop item to the new fetish-cultist.
*Added a droppable axe to the minotaurs with axes (sometimes it breaks before you can take it, and you have to be big enough for it.)
*Added an alchemist.
*Added a non-consumable green-gel drop to the slimes.
*Added a use for the green-gel drop.
*The alchemist may purify certain demonic potions for a fee. Purification removes the demon-specific morph effects and the +corruption effects of the item.
*The places menu will appear after encountering Whitney's farm enough times, allowing you to go directly to the farm.

Bit o' Progress

Coded in an alternate rape-scene for the new monster tonight.  I also added a new non-combat encounter at the lake I hope to expand on in the future.  For now it provides a use for the gel's those pesky lake monsters drop.

At this point I could probably chuck it out and call it 0.2.5, but I'm going to hold back on it a bit and see if I can expand on things a bit more and maybe code the 2nd user-submitted monster I have clogging up my inbox.

<3 Fen

Friday, June 24, 2011

Updates and Requests

Working on wrapping up writing the sex scenes for the incubus today.  I wanted to have four total rape scenes available to choose from depending on endowments, but I'm burning out, so one is unfinished.   If any aspiring and particularly anal-focused writers want to take a stab at it, the scene would be this:

-The incubus is defeated and starts out dropped to his knees due to lust/wounds.  He wears mechanics overalls with a large hole in the crotch through which his foot-long member hangs.  He can adjust the size/shape of his member at will.
-The rape scene is mainly for genderless individuals or those who really like stuff in the butt.  Basically the player forces down the incubus and takes the incubus' dick up their ass.   Beyond that the event is up to you, but it should accommodate any gender.
-Please send to so I can start sending it through my potential editors.

Editor Updates:
I sent off a scene to the first six applicants in my 'good' pile.  I think I'm still waiting on responses from a few, but from what I've seen I have two people I am going to give a try.   If you didn't get selected, apologies.  Those of you who have written before for me and applied, I've held back from selecting you because I don't want you burning out on this stuff, I'd rather have you continue to make the game better.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Working working working....

New bits in bold.  Not the minotaur axe won't be able to be looted at release unless you're tall enough for it.  The nice thing is the systems I'm setting up for this will make it trivial to add more weapons/armors. 
Forgive the massive file-size!

<3 Fen

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

RAAAAGEEE - Well Dead HDD's Really.

So both new hard drives I ordered are DOA.  This is after I moved my existing HDD's into the other computer I was going to use them for and deleted half the content on them.  Thankfully I was able to just grab one old HDD out, run on it, and then format the other computer to slap XP on it.  Most of my stuff is still intact, including CS4, so I can code/stream/play whenever still.

Because of all the headaches from yesterday, I haven't had time to sort the editor pile or write anything new.  Thankfully I've got 3-4 submitted events to code so I can work on those tonight or tomorrow.  Tomorrow I'll have the place to myself for quite a few hours so I'm going to try to be productive and write at least 2000-3000 words for the dungeon during the morning/afternoon.   Just keep in mind that's a goal and not a promise.  Here's some excellent porn (kinda furry, sorry), from a great artist on FurAffinity.

I would like a seat at this table. 
Art By: TehSean of Furaffinity

Lastly, I scraped up some cash to splurge and get a Fleshlight.  I've never owned anything like it before so I figured I may as well try it once.  The 15% sale & a 20% off coupon I found online helped.  Anyhow, I'll write a review at some point in a day or two and link it up.  

Fen out!